Friday, April 25, 2014

Elijah & the Ravens

Gather supplies. You will need a paper plate, a feather (you could trace 
your childs hand and cut it out for the feather if you do not have one), orange 
construction paper, a googly eye, black paint, a paintbrush, a tiny piece of green 
construction paper, glue, scissors.

Cut paper plate in half. Cut small triangle out of one piece of the 
paper plate (See photo). You will end up using half of a paper plate and a small 

Cut small triangle for beak out of orange construction paper. 

Paint paper plate pieces black.

Attach small triangle to back of larger half of paper plate. 

Place beak on opposite side. 

Attach googly eye and feather with glue. 

Crinkle strip of green construction paper (you could use a piece of shred if 
you have that) to be the worm in the birds mouth and glue to beak. 

 Finished raven! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Flower Bouquet

Gather supplies.  You need a piece of white paper, a piece of green construction paper (you could use green paint if you dont have construction paper), a piece of tan construction paper (you could paint your childs hand if you do not have paper), several colors of tissue paper, glue,  scissors and a pencil. 

Trace your childs hand on the 
tan construction paper and cut out.  Set aside.

Cut green construction paper into strips to make stems for flowers.  Make sure they will fit on white paper, leaving room for the flowers at the top!  They may be different lengths.

Photo 4 – Glue green strips onto white paper.

Cut tissue paper into 3x3 inch squares.  You will need 
more of the squares than you have stems!

Place tissue on paper, set pencil in center (eraser side down) and pull tissue up around the pencil and glue to paper.  Do this for all of the flowers!

Glue hand on top of stems, holding bouquet.

A Forever Home

Gather supplies. You will need a couple of boxes (you can even use a plastic 
tub or a shoe box), glue, scissors, a knife (adults only), multi-colors of construction 
paper, and TAPE! (tape is missing in the picture but you will need it!) 

Cut edge of one side of box to make a point so that 
the box looks like a 

Cut back of box off (you will see we 
turned a baby wipes box inside out) 

Use second box to cut roof of house. (If your second box is big enough, you 
can just cut one side – including top flap of box and fold it in half and it will work) 
Trim box however you need to make fit on roof. 

Draw a door and windows on the solid side of the house 

Cut door and windows out of box with knife. (This is a job for the adult 
only) For the door, you can cut just the top, bottom and side and the door will 
actually open and close! (Cutting out the windows takes a little while - this may be a 
great time for your child to have a snack or start cutting out the shingles for the 

Attach roof to house, using tape 

Add a piece of cardboard in the middle of the box and a divider piece on 
the bottom of the box to make it a 2 story house with multiple rooms.
 Tape into place. 

Draw a u-shape on one piece of construction paper and cut out to be a 
template for the shingles. 

Trace the template on the top piece of construction paper then cut out 
with several layers so you have multi-colors of the shingles. 

Glue shingles on roof of house, starting at the bottom! 

Finished house! You can use characters, cars, animals, etc.. to fill 
your house with whatever you would like!