Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Earthquake Jail Cell

Gather your supplies. You will just need duct tape this week!

 Lay the duct tape out on the floor to create a “prison”

Hang the “prison” up on the door frame of a room in your home. 

Have your kids knock it down with the earthquake as you tell the story! 
You could probably use a pillow to knock it down! 

Peter In Jail

 Gather you supplies. 

You will need a copy of the page on the following link http://www.greenlawn.org/images/stories/TeachingMinistry/BibleClassResources/Paul%20and%20Silas %20in%20Prison%20-%20add%20yarn.pdf 

It prints 2/page so make sure you have one picture for each child, cardstock or paper to print on, yarn, scissors, tape, hole punch and crayons.

 Cut sheet in half and punch holes where it shows to punch them

Cut a large piece of yarn and place tape on the end so it is easier to string through!

 Starting from behind, have your child run the yarn through the holes so that it forms a jail cell. 

Talk to your child about how some mean people thought that is Peter was in jail he couldn’t go and tell people about Jesus but they were WRONG!!!

Go and Tell Everyone!

Gather your supplies. You will need a paper plate (or something to put paint on), several colors of paint (make sure you have a green, a blue and a few other colors!), a black marker, a sheet of white cardstock

Use side of fist (as shown) to have child dip in paint and paint the world in the center (blue on the outside, green on the inside)

The paint should easily wipe off with a wipe between colors!

Dip finger in paint and go around making people around your “world”. 
Use several colors and use wipe to clean finger between each color. 

If you have several children you could let them each be a color!

Let the paint dry

Draw hair and eyes on the people! 

While you paint, talk to your child about how God wants to be friends with everyone and He wants us to tell EVERYONE about Jesus!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rolling Stone

You will need 2 paper plates, markers, scissors, glue and a brad.

Cut a hole in the center of one of the paper plates.

Write He is Risen!!  and draw Jesus in a black marker on the center of the plate that you did not cut. (You will probably have to draw this or you can let your child J ).

Have your child color Jesus, the background and the edge of the plate on the plate you drew on, have them color the circle you cut out gray for the stone and have them color the back of the plate you cut out half blue (for the sky) and half green (for the grass)

Attach the “stone” to the plate you cut out with a brad so that you can move the “stone” away and put it back as you read them the story!

 Glue the top plate (with the stone attached) to the bottom plate so that you can see Jesus!

As you read the story, use the craft to show your kids how the stone was rolled away and Jesus had risen from the grave!