Monday, December 18, 2017

Tree Snack

Gather a plate, a small bowl of grapes, and a small bowl of pretzel sticks.

Lay 3 of the pretzel sticks on the plate.

Next, start laying grapes around the top of the pretzel sticks. These are your branches/leaves.

Continue until your tree is complete!

Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus, so he climbed up in a tree. But then Jesus wanted to spend time with him, so Zacchaeus came down from the tree. Jesus wants to spend time with everyone!

Paper Bag Well

Gather a brown paper bag, a plastic straw, a pipe cleaner, yarn, scissors, tape, a 3oz cup, and crayon.

Cut the pipe cleaner into thirds and bend one piece of the pipe cleaner into an arch.

 Tape the arched pipe cleaner into the 3oz cup. This is your water bucket/pail.

Next, draw a large circle on the bottom half of the bag.

Cut out the circle, but be careful to not cut through both layers/sides of the bag, and stand it up.

Place a piece of string around the bucket handle and tie a knot at the top. Once your knot is made, slip the straw through the yarn.

 Lower your water bucket into the “well” and then pull it back up.

Jesus talked to a woman at a well and asked her for a drink of water. Even though they were different, Jesus loved her. Jesus loves and wants to be friends with everyone!

Water to Wine

Gather two paper plates, scissors, a metal brad, and a blue, purple, and brown crayon.

Color one half of one paper plate with the blue crayon. Make sure to stay inside the inner circle of the plate.

Color the other half of the plate with the purple crayon. Again, staying inside the inner circle of the plate.

Draw an outline of a jug on the other paper plate and color it in. Make sure your drawing goes outside the inner circle of the plate, so it will cover all of the blue and purple.

 Once you’ve colored in your jug, cut it out.

 Then cut out the lower, middle half of it.

Place the jug cutout on top of the other plate, color side up, and push the metal brad through both plates.

Now you can spin the jug from blue to purple, revealing one color at a time!

Jesus was at a wedding party when they ran out of the super, fancy, party drink. They were sad, until Jesus was able to turn water into a super, fancy, party drink! Only Jesus could do that. Jesus can do anything!

Feeding 5,000

Gather a brown paper lunch bag, scissors, a crayon, tape or a stapler, 
and a piece of brown and blue construction paper.

Cut the bag in half with the scissors.

Next, cut a strip of brown construction paper and staple or tape it to the 
bag. You now have a basket with a handle!

 Using the crayon, draw 5 bread loaves on the brown 
construction paper and cut them out.

Next, draw 2 fish on the blue construction paper and cut them out. 
Draw eyes and a mouth for extra fun!

You now have two fish, five loaves, and a basket to hold them. 
Count the fish and loves with your child as you put them in the basket.

Jesus fed 5,000 people with just 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. 
Only Jesus could do that. Jesus can do ANYTHING!

Bath Bomb Fun

For this activity, all you need is a bath bomb and a bath tub!

Fill the tub with water.

Place the bath bomb in the water and say, “Watch this!”

 Watch what happens to the bath bomb as it dissolves. The water will fizz and turn colors!

Jesus did something that’s impossible for us to do. He walked on WATER! Only Jesus could do that. Jesus can do anything!

Catching Fish

Gather two paper plates (blue if you have them to look like water), celery, peanut butter or almond butter, Goldfish®, and a spoon or knife.

Sprinkle some Goldfish onto one of the plates.

Place a couple of celery sticks (fishing poles) and peanut butter on the other plate. Now you are ready to go fishing!

Dip your celery stick fishing pole into the peanut butter and then into the pool of fish.  

 Ta-da! You caught a fish (or two)!

Peter and his friends weren’t catching any fish, but then Jesus came and told Peter to throw his nets into the water. Peter then caught TONS of fish, all because of Jesus! Jesus can do anything!