Thursday, May 31, 2018

Fewer Soldiers

Gather green plastic army figures in a bowl, a clear plastic bin, and some type of scoop.

Fill the bin with some water and place all of the soldiers in it. Keep the empty bowl by the bin.

 Have your child scoop the soldiers out of the water bin and place them in the bowl. Say, “We have a lot of soldiers! We need to take some away!”

Continue taking them away until there are only a few soldiers left.  

We started with a lot of soldiers but ended with a few, just like Gideon and his army. Even though Gideon only had a few soldiers, he still won the battle! God’s way is always perfect!

King Handprint

Gather a piece of white cardstock or construction paper, yellow and brown washable paint, 2 paintbrushes, a paper or Styrofoam paper, a black marker, star or jewel stickers, and wet wipes. 

 Using a paintbrush, paint all of your child’s left hand except for the thumb and press it on the paper. Then clean their hand with a wet wipe.  

Using the other paintbrush, paint their left hand’s fingers and a little bit of the palm only with yellow paint.

Turn the paper so that the brown handprint is now facing down and press their left hand onto the paper just above the brown paint. Then clean their hand with a wet wipe. 

Using the black marker, draw a face on the brown handprint.

 Now add stickers to decorate the crown.

For the final touch, we drew hair on our king’s head!

 King Josiah helped people go God’s way even though he was young. You can help others go God’s way too!

Red Spots

 Bring red bathtub/washable finger paint soap to the bath tub.

Start painting red spots on your child. 

Continue until they have a lot of red spots just like Naaman.

Now they can take a bath and watch them come off!

Naaman did not want to take seven baths because he knew it would be hard. But he did, because God said to, and all of his spots came off! We can also do what God says even when it’s hard.

Whale Snack

Gather a banana, chocolate chips, round crackers, and a plate.

Peel the banana and place it on the plate to look like a whale.

Place two chocolate chips at one end to look like eyes.

Break a cracker in half and place one half on each side as flippers.

Break another cracker in half and place it on the back end of the banana to be the tail (fluke).

 Jonah didn’t want to go God’s way and he ended up in a big fish! But he prayed to God and apologized and the fish spit him out! We should go God’s way because God’s way is perfect.

Heart Brownie

 Gather Brownie mix, icing, edible gel for writing, and a heart cookie cutter.

 Bake the brownies according to the directions on the box.

After the brownies have cooled, use the heart cookie cutter to make a heart-shaped brownie.  

Put icing on the heart brownie.

Use the edible gel to write “Jesus” on the heart.

 God loved us so much that He gave us Jesus. And Jesus wants to be our friend forever!

God's Family

Gather a piece of construction paper, wall tape, sticky notes, and a marker.

Draw smiley faces on the sticky notes.

Hang the piece of construction paper on the wall at your child’s level. 
Explain that the paper is God’s family.

Place sticky notes all around the room. Explain that the sticky notes are people.

Ask your child to gather all of the sticky notes (people) and place them on the 
paper  (God’s family).

All of these people are in God’s family! 
The Bible tells us we can all be a part of God’s family too.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

All The Time

Gather a white piece of construction paper or cardstock; a paper plate; orange and yellow paint; and 2 Q-Tips.

Using the marker, draw a dotted outline of a sun on one side of the page.

Draw a dotted outline of a moon on the other side.

Next, place some orange and yellow paint on the plate, with a Q-Tip for each color.

Use the Q-Tips as paintbrushes to paint over the dotted lines and reveal the pictures!


God loves us all the time! He loves us during the day when the sun is out and He loves us at night when the moon is out