Friday, February 26, 2016

Love Your Neighbor

 What you will need: 
Cookies, construction paper, markers, and scissors.

Cut the paper into a heart and write the phrase 
“I love being your neighbor”. 

Your preschooler can also decorate it.

Now, you and your preschooler can bring the cookies and card to a neighbor!

Love God and Love People

What you will need: A stalk of celery, red paint, and paper.

Cut the celery so the bottom is shaped like a heart. 
The use it as a stamp to cover your paper in hearts!

While you stamp your paper, talk with your child about 
how you can show love to the people you know.

Caring and Sharing

What you will need: a plush animal, 
miniature food or real food, and a blanket.

Lay out your blanket and your preschooler a
nd their plush animal can have a picnic!

You can talk with your child about how the early church
met together and shared the food and 
everything they had! 

Blinded by the Light

1What you will need: goggles, 
black construction paper, and tape.

Cut out two ovals and tape them over the goggles. 

Now your preschooler can experience what it is like to be blind, just as Saul did!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Jesus Loves Everyone Snack

What you will need: 
two or more types of Teddy Grahams, 
blue food coloring, yogurt, kiwi, and pen and paper.

Color the yogurt blue.

Place the yogurt into as close to a circle shape as possible.

Cut and place the kiwi to be the different pieces of earth.

Place the teddy grahams around the circle “holding hands”.

Write the words 
1 Earth 1 Heart 
on paper to show the love that we should have for one another.

Enjoy your snack, naming friends as you count 
the Teddy Grahams around the Earth.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hand Palm Branches

What you will need: green construction paper and clothes pins.

Trace and cut at least three of your preschooler’s hand prints.

Stick the prints together with a clothes pin and you have your very own palm branch!

Wave your branches!!