Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Go Everywhere Buddies

This is an easy craft for preschoolers
to help remind them that 
God is always with us,
even though we can't see Him.

They can make a 
"Go Everywhere Buddy"
that they CAN see
and when you take your buddy with you,
talk about the God that you can't see!

You have several options to make this "buddy" with whatever
materials you may have. 
You need a wooden spoon, and beyond that,
it's whatever you have to decorate it.
Googly eyes, pompoms, markers, tape or glue
and construction paper or fabric scraps.

Make a face for your buddy.
You can draw all the features with markers
Or you can use googly eyes.
For hair you can use pompoms or yarn.

If you use construction paper, cut out pants
and a shirt.  You can use double-stick tape,
or glue to stick on paper clothes.
Or, if you want fancy clothes,
use fabric scraps to wrap around
your buddy and glue together in the back.

Your child can decorate the clothes
before you glue them on.

Now, as you take your buddy 
you go,
you can tell him, and everyone else,
 "God is always with us, too!"

Friday, October 18, 2013

Joshua's Marching Horn

The easiest of activities to make is a horn.
This is a simple design that only requires a few items.

Construction paper, markers or crayons, 
(or any other media to decorate your horn)
tape and scissors.

 Start by rolling your paper into a cone 
Tape along the seamline in 3 or 4 places.

 Use the scissors to trim off the uneven edge.

Make small slits along the edge of the horn.
Bend the "fringe" out.

Decorate your horn with whatever you would like to use.
You can use markers, or crayons, paint or glitter, 
stickers or foam decorations.

Make small slits along the bottom edge of the horn
and bend the "fringe" out.

Now you can do your own march around 
Jericho....or the kitchen! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Super Kid Masks

Every Super Kid needs a mask to 
conceal their secret identity! 
These are easy and quick!

You can use a variety of materials to make a mask,
felt, foam, construction paper or card stock.  
We used cardstock!

You need your mask base, elastic cording, tape, then
any other materials you would like to use
to decorate your mask; scissors, glue and tape.
You can freehand a mask, or print a template from the internet.

Cut out the mask from the paper then
let your child decorate it with crayons, markers
sequins, whatever decorations you have.

Make a hole on either side of the mask and push
the end of the elastic cord through the hole and knot it.
Put a piece of tape over the knot to reinforce it.

Now you are ready to be a 
Secret Super Kid!

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Crowning Touch

Kings and queens need their crowns
and this is a fun way to make one
with whatever craft supplies
 you have on hand.

You need a paper plate, and decorations.
Here is where you can use anything you have
or like best: markers, crayons, paint,  
stickers, gems......
the choices are endless.

First, draw four lines 
in a pie design 
and cut along those lines.

Fold up the points
to make a crown that fits anyone.

You can decorate the points 
with whatever you have chosen

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Be a Super Kid!

Your child is a SUPER kid
so now, he can have his own  
Super Cape!

You can use an old adult t-shirt
as long as the back is plain.
Light color works best!

You can let your child decorate the back
with markers.
You can use it that way, 
for really fun effects, grab some rubbing alcohol.  

You can make a tie-dye effect using
rubbing alcohol. 
You can do it over a cup, for less mess,
or just on a piece of newspaper.

The cape is made from the back of the shirt
and the collar.
So cut up the side and over the shoulder seam
then down in front of the collar.

You can write your child's name 
and let them decorate as he wants.

You can make less mess by stretching the design
over a cup or bowl with a rubber band.

Use a straw to drop rubbing alcohol by drops
in the middle of the design.
As the alcohol spreads, it draws the ink out, too.

If you keep drops in the center, the
ink will go out, 
making a fun design.

Or, just put down newspaper and
drip the alcohol along each letter.

Let your cape dry
and tumble dry on high for a bit to set the ink.

You can cut the neck opening
and use stick on velcro
to prevent choking hazards.