Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Family Plan

Every person in our family is important!
Every person is different!
God has a plan for everyone in our family!

This is an activity to help your
child think about the plan God has for every person
in your family! 

You need some construction paper, pictures of your
family members, crayons or markers,
clothespins and string....or fancy yarn, like I had.

Cut out pictures of each member of your family and
cut a piece of construction paper to frame it.  Leave 
enough room to draw around, but remember the paper
will be hanging on a "clothesline" so consider your space.

Talk with your child about each person.
What do they like to do?  
Draw something that goes with each person
on their "frame".

Gluestick the picture beside the artwork
and then use the clothespins to hang the 
pictures.  You can display this on your
wall, refrigerator or anywhere you can 
see how everyone is special!
And God has a special plan for each!

Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm a Big Fan!

Here's preschool activity to let your little one 
show everyone that he is a BIG fan!!

I made my spirit stick from tissue paper,
but you can use newspaper, 
copy paper or any type of paper that you'd like.

I use one regular size piece of tissue paper, 
but you can use more, if you want yours to be
fuller or more colorful.

Fold the tissue paper in half and 
let your child cut the strips to within a inch or so of the end.
You might want to draw a line
for them to know where to stop
so they don't cut all the way through.

You can make the handle from a paper towel 
tube or two toilet paper tubes.
Crease one and fold it  in half.

Then slide it inside the other,
crease and fold the outer one to match.

Wrap the tubes with tape, forming them
into a circle.  

Tape the uncut side of the tissue paper
to the end of the tube.  
Roll the tube down the
length of the paper.

Tape the end to the handle.

Now your child can be a 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Spying Out the Land

Here's an easy craft to let your child 
"spy" out around your house!

Cut the paper to fit the width of your rolls.
If your child would like to 
decorate their paper,
you can use crayons, markers or stickers,
whatever they would like.  

Tape your paper around the tubes.  

Put the tubes together using a piece of tape
on each end.
(If you want a prettier design, you can hot glue the tubes
together for your child)

 Use a hole punch to make a hole on the outer side
of each tube and knot a piece of string through for
a neck strap.

**NOTE:  If you make a neck strap, this toy must be used with 
adult supervision.  

Should you want to make it safe for independent play, 
use velcro to attach ribbon to the sides
for a neck strap in place of the string. 

Happy Spying! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hard Things Calendar

Here's a weekly calendar to let your child practice doing
 the "hard" things that they have to do.  

You can gather a few supplies to make the calendar.

You can make a template on your computer or
simply draw a chart with 8 squares.
Crayons or markers and scissors
and, as an option,
laminating sheet and magnets

You can type the name of the day
or have your child write it
or write it for them.

Next, talk with your child about the hard things that
God tells them to do through those who are in 
authority over them, 
and let them draw a picture of each
task on each day.

Some examples would be picking up toys, playing nicely with siblings, eating vegetables, going to bed without arguing,
taking turns on a swing, etc.  

Once you have something to practice
each day, 
you can laminate the page, if you wish.

To make it more fun, you can cut the days apart,
then put a magnet on the back so these can stick to a refrigerator or other surface.

(You can purchase a sticky-back magnet roll at Walmart.  Or  reuse those magnets that businesses send out in the mail by cutting them and using a glue stick to put on the back of each day.)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Tale of the Whale


Gather a few supplies:
(Wiggly eyes are optional, 
but they just make everyone
more fun)

Any type of paper plate 
will work fine
and any type of heavy paper 
or cardstock

Flatten your toilet paper and 
use it to mark the width 
of your "stick". 
While you cut this part,
let your child color the whale.

Cut out a triangle for the fish's mouth
then tape the toilet paper roll to the back of the plate
as a guide.

Next, let your child draw Jonah.
Wiggly eyes definitely make him 
seem very afraid of being swallowed!

Now your child can retell the story of Jonah 
by moving him back and forth, 
through the tube on the back of the plate,

The whale can swallow Jonah,
then spit him out on the land.