Monday, March 9, 2020

Cards for Friends

Gather construction paper, a crayon or marker, a paper plate with washable paint, clothespins, scissors, and foam stickers.

Fold the construction paper in half and draw half of a heart along the folded edge of the paper.

Cut out the heart and write “Jesus loves you!” on the card.

Peel the backing off of a sticker and attach the sticky side to the end of a clothespin.

Using the clothespin with the heart, make stamps all over the card! Once you have made your cards, pass them out to friends/family to tell them Jesus loves them!  

Peter believed in Jesus and told people about Him. We can tell others about Jesus too! Jesus wants to be everyone’s friend!

Color Changing Flowers

Gather clear cups with water, food coloring, scissors, and a white flower such as carnations or daisies.

Place 15 drops of food coloring in each cup. (One color per cup.)

Cut the stems of the flowers and place one in each cup.

Watch the flowers change color over time! (Check every couple of hours!)    

When Paul believed in Jesus, he stopped being mean and started loving people! He changed from sad to happy. We can believe in Jesus and love people too!

Easter Snack

Gather a plate, graham crackers, white icing, green food coloring, a knife, a donut, and an Oreo.

Put some green food coloring into the icing and stir until it’s a nice shade of green.

Spread green icing onto two graham crackers and place them on the plate to make a square.

Place the donut near the back of the graham cracker square. This is your “tomb.”

Place the Oreo in front of the donut. This is your “stone.” You can re-enact the stone moving in front of and away from the tomb.       

Jesus’ friends buried Him in a tomb, but the stone rolled away. Jesus came back just like He said He would! Yay Jesus! 

Pipe Cleaner Heart Painting

Gather construction paper, a paper plate with washable paint, and pipe cleaners.

Bend the pipe cleaners into the shape of a heart. Make sure there are no sharp edges.

Dip the pipe cleaner into the paint and then press it onto the paper. 

Cover your page with heart prints!      

Hearts remind me of love. Jesus loves everyone and does amazing things only He can do!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Painted Oreos

Gather Oreos, a paper plate, and edible gold glitter spray.

Start spraying the Oreos with the gold spray.

Continue until they are covered with gold!

A lady had ten coins but lost one. She searched and searched until she 
found it, because it was special to her.  You are special to God, just like 
the coin was special to her!

Styrofoam Earth

Gather a Styrofoam ball, a paper plate, glue, and green and blue tissue paper squares.

Put some glue on the ball and then cover the glue with the tissue squares.

Continue until the ball is covered with "land" and "sea!"

God loves the WORLD so much that He gave us His only Son, Jesus. Wow!
God loves you and Jesus wants to be your friend forever.

Pig Plate

Gather a paper plate; white and pink construction paper; pink paper shreds; glue; a black marker; and scissors.

Put glue all over the paper plate.

Then cover the plate with pink paper shreds.

Trace and cutout eyes, ears, and a nose.

Glue the face cutouts on top of the paper shreds.

The prodigal son spent all of his money and was so hungry he wanted to eat pig's food.  He was sad and lonely, so he went back to his dad.  His dad forgave him because he loved him! God will also love you no matter what!

Paper Doily Crown

Gather a sentence strip, a few paper doilies, glue, and markers.

Have your child color the paper doilies.

Glue the doilies onto the sentence strip.

Glue or tape the sentence strip together to create a headband.

God had a plan for Esther and she trusted His plan. God has a plan for you too! God loves you!

Handprint and Heart Art

Gather a paper plate with several colors of washable paint and a 
white piece of construction paper.

 Have your child choose a color of paint for their hand and place their handprint on the paper.

Show your child how to put two fingerprints together to create a heart.

Continue until the page has a lot of hearts! 

 God made you and He loves you! You are so special!