Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Drink From a Rock (or a Lemon)

Gather your supplies.  
You will need a juicer, lemons, sugar, water, a pitcher, 
cutting board, measuring cups and spoon (not pictured)

Cut your lemons in half and juice them on the juicer to get ¾ cup lemon juice!

Measure 4 cups water into pitcher.

Pour lemon juice and ¾ cup sugar into water.

Stir until sugar has dissolved.

Enjoy a nice glass of lemonade with your child and 
talk about Moses getting water from a rock, 
like you got lemon juice from the lemons!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Naaman in the Jordan River

Gather your supplies.  You will need a sponge, scissors, 
washable red paint, a tub of dirty water (The Jordan River), a paint brush and something to squirt paint in.

Cut a sponge to look like Namaan.

Dot Namaan (your sponge) with red paint to show he has leprosy.

Dip Namaan in the water

Squeeze him out seven times to show his spots going away!

Squeeze him out one last time to show that he is healed!!!

Talk about how Naaman was healed, just by obeying
and dipping into the Jordan River.

Parting the Red (Pepper) Sea

Gather your supplies.  You will need a plate or 
bowl, water, dish soap and black pepper.

Pour a little water onto the plate.

Sprinkle pepper into the water.

Stick finger into the water and see that nothing happens.

Put some dish soap on your finger and place in the water
 and watch the pepper move to the sides of the plate.  

Talk to your preschooler about Moses parting the Red Sea!

A Basket for Baby Moses!

Gather your supplies.  
You will need a cup (that you can cut), scissors and colorful yarn or string.

Cut slits in cup from top until about ¾ of the way down, all the way around the cup.

 Begin weaving yarn or string in and out of each cut piece around the cup.

Completed Moses Basket!  

Talk to your child about the story of baby Moses as you are making the basket!!