Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spoon People

Gather your supplies. You will need plastic spoons (however many you
want to make), sharpie, scissors, glue, scrap fabric, construction paper, foam pieces,
yarn, etc… Just use whatever you have around your house!

Draw faces on spoons.

Cut out clothes to be able to dress you spoons. Glue clothes onto spoons.
You can add hair or whatever else you would like!

Play with your Spoon People and talk about
how God made everyone! 
And He made us all special!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Heart Animals

 Gather your supplies. You will need scissors, glue, different colors of paper 
to cut into different size heart shapes! (we added googly eyes to ours, too, because 
we are making a fox!) Be creative and make as many different animals as you want! 

Cut several hearts in all different sizes to use to create your animals. 

Glue hearts together to form whatever animal you are working on. We 
chose to make a fox! Add googly eyes; if desired.

You made Heart Animals!!!

Do you know who made the real animals?

God did!

Monday, November 10, 2014


Gather your supplies. You will need a bar of ivory soap, a plate 
and a microwave (not pictured) 

Place soap on plate and place plate in microwave. Microwave 
for 45 seconds. 

Now you have clouds made from soap! (Caution: the plate may 
be warm so be careful allowing the kids to touch it before it cools!) 

Now you have "Cloud Clay"!  God made the sky! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Planting Plants!

Gather your supplies. Fold a piece of construction paper or 
even use a cereal box. Use whatever seed (popcorn kernel, 
bean) have on hand. Add different textures and heights.
You will need a piece of brown 
construction paper, glue and beans, tissue paper, etc… 
(anything you have to create different textures) 

 Fold paper into an accordion.

Allow children to glue different textures into rows. Keep 
same items on each row.

Now you have three rows of plants! 
Who made the plants?
God made the plants!