Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Jesus Helps Me

Gather a piece of construction paper, a crayon, and Band-Aids.

Trace your child’s hand on the piece of paper.

Let your child put Band-Aids on top of the handprint.

Band-Aids help heal our boo-boos. The Centurion’s servant was very sick and Jesus helped heal him. He wants to help us too!

Perfume Bottle

Gather a paper plate, scissors, dot markers, and crayons.

Draw a simple perfume bottle outline on the plate and then cut it out.

Use the dot markers to fill the bottle with “perfume” and then the crayons for any finishing touches!

The thankful woman poured perfume on Jesus’ feet because she was so glad He was her friend. Jesus loved her no matter what and the same is for you!

Love Bug Snack

Gather a muffin pan, cupcake liners, a plate, a spoon, a knife, vanilla or plain yogurt, almonds, and a variety of fruit to make your love bugs (raspberries, blueberries, kiwi, etc.).

 Place the liners in the muffin pan.

Cut the kiwi into small slices for antennas.

Spoon some yogurt into each liner. I filled each liner up half-way.

Place an almond in the middle of each liner.

Then place fruits on either side of the almond for bug wings.

Place the kiwi slices on top for antennas.

Freeze for 2 approximately hours. Then enjoy!

Tell your child how much fun you had spending time making “love bug” snacks with them. Do you know who loves spending time with you even more? Jesus! Jesus loves spending time with you!

Cereal Heart

Gather Fruit Loops® and a pipe cleaner.

String the Fruit Loops onto the pipe cleaner.

Bend the pipe cleaner into a heart shape.  

Hearts remind me of love. Jesus loves you SO MUCH and is the best friend you could ever have!