Friday, April 10, 2020

Cloud Puppet

Gather a piece of blue construction paper, a craft stick, a crayon, scissors, tape, glue, and cotton balls. 

Draw a cloud shape on the blue paper and cut it out. 

Tape the cutout to the craft stick. Then, put glue on the cutout.

Place cotton balls on the cutout to create a fluffy cloud.

Jesus is getting a special place called Heaven ready for us. I believe that because I believe in Jesus, and you can too! 


Gather a piece of paper and crayons. 

Have your child draw a self-portrait. 

Have your child say things that are true about themselves. (I have blue eyes. I am nice. I am 4 years old. etc.) Write what they say around their self-portrait.

Paul told people that they could believe in Jesus because He always tells the truth. And, that’s true! Jesus always tells the truth, and you can believe in Him too!

Build a City

Any type of blocks (we used Magnatiles) and Little People figures.

Have your child build a city with the blocks.

Walk the Little People figures around the city to “teach about Jesus.” 

Paul visited a city to tell people that God loves them and that they could believe in Jesus. You can believe in Jesus too!

Heart Scoop

Gather a bin of water, foam hearts, and a large spoon. 

Put the foam hearts in the bin of water.

Have your child scoop them out with a large spoon. 

Continue until all of the hearts are out of the water! 

Hearts are a symbol of love! Jesus loves us no matter what!