Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Sun

What you will need: a fork, paper, crayons, and yellow paint.

Draw circles with yellow and orange crayons.

Dip the fork into the yellow paint.

Stamp down the fork to create sun rays around the circles.

Talk with your child about how God made the big, bright sun!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Land, Plants and Sea!

What you will need: White paper, glue, 
and lots of different color of tissue paper.

Tear the tissue paper and have your child 
glue it on the paper to create 
their very own landscape scene.

Talk with your child about how God created the 
land and the plants and the sea! 

Invisible Clouds

What you will need: A white crayon, piece of cardstock, 
watercolors, and a paintbrush.

Have your child draw clouds on the cardstock with the crayon.

Paint the cardstock with blue watercolors and the clouds will appear in your sky painting.

Talk with your child about how God created the sky and water! 

Shine The Light

What you will need: A flashlight.

 Shine your light around the room, either on the floor or walls
 and have your child stomp on or tag it.

Talk about how God created light!