Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Prayer Bracelet

Gather a piece of white construction paper, markers, scissors, and tape.

Cut a strip of paper about 1-1½ inches wide.

Draw a sun near the middle of the strip.

Draw a moon near the sun.

Measure your child’s wrist, cut off any excess paper, and tape the ends together. Make sure the sun and moon are facing outward.

Let your child wear their prayer bracelet!

This prayer bracelet will remind you that you can pray to God anytime of the day – morning or night! He is always there.

Indoor Bowling

Gather a play bowling set or make one with empty water bottles and a ball.

Set up the bowling pins in an open area of a room.

Bowl away! Make sure to share the ball and take turns!

The Bible tells us to share our stuff, even our toys! 
Talk with your child about other things they can share.

Puzzle Piece Search

Gather a clear tub, rice, and a puzzle.

 Pour the rice into the bin.

Place the puzzle pieces in the bin and mix/cover them up.

Have your child help you find the puzzle pieces in the bin to complete the puzzle!

Tell your child how grateful you are that they helped complete the puzzle, because the Bible tells us to help others! Talk with your child about other ways they can help others.

Bible Snack

Gather Fig Newtons cookies, a small tube of white icing, and a plate.

 Lay a cookie on the plate and line the outer edges with the white icing.

Draw a cross in the center. Now it looks like a Bible! 

Make as many “Bibles” as you’d like.

 Talk with your child about how the Bible tells us which way to go! 
It will always show the way.