Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Paper Chain Family

Gather a white piece of craft paper (I used about a 1-ft x 1-ft piece) or construction paper, crayons, and scissors.

 Fold the paper accordion style, folding the paper back and forth. (I made each fold about 2-inches wide.)

Once your paper is folded, draw your person figure. Make sure the feet reach the bottom and the arms go to the ends of the sides.

Once the body is drawn, cut it out. Make sure to cut through each fold of paper.

This made 6 paper dolls. If you need more, repeat the above steps and tape together at the arms. If you need less, simply cut off some of the dolls.

Start coloring each family member and continue until complete!

Talk with your child about the importance of forgiveness. Joseph forgave his brother’s and we can forgive others too!

Bag of Grain

 Gather a yellow piece of construction paper, twine, corn kernels, scissors, glue, and a crayon.

Draw an outline of a grain bag on the construction paper and cut it out.

Start adding your “grain” by dabbing some glue and 
then placing a corn kernel on top of the glue.

Continue until your bag is full of grain!

Now cut a piece of twine the width of the bag and glue it on.

Lastly, cut and glue the two smaller pieces of twine to be the “tie.”

 Now your bag is full of grain and all tied up!

 God used Joseph to help save the grain in Egypt so that people would have food to eat. God had big plans for Joseph and He has big plans for you too!

Joseph in Jail

Gather a scrap piece of construction paper, 7 popsicle sticks, crayons, a glue stick, and scissors.

Color 6 of the craft sticks. These will be used to create the jail.

Lay one stick down horizontally and add some glue to each end. Then lay a stick vertically on each end, as shown in the picture.

 Lay another stick down horizontally, color side up, and add some glue to each end. Then slip that stick up under the two vertical pieces and stick together. You now have a complete square.

Add some glue to the back ends of the last two colored popsicle sticks and lay them down as jail bars.

Draw a Joseph figure on the piece of construction paper and cut him out.

Glue the Joseph figure to the last popsicle stick.

Put Joseph in and out of Jail.

Joseph had to go to jail and that was really hard, 
but he still trusted that God had a plan for him!

Colorful Coat

Gather graham crackers, icing, M&Ms, a plate, and a knife.

Lay one whole graham cracker on the plate as the body of the coat.

Next, break one whole graham cracker in half, then break that piece in half. It will leave you with two small rectangular pieces. Lay these down as the arm sleeves of the coat.

Spread icing on the entire coat.

Start laying M&Ms on the coat and continue until it’s full. You can lay them in any order you like, just make it colorful!

Joseph’s father gave him a colorful coat. Even though his brothers took it away from him and had him sent to Egypt, Joseph still trusted that God had a plan for him.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Gather a white piece of construction paper, several scrap pieces of construction paper in different colors, tissue paper, a glue stick, a bow, and a crayon.

Have your child help you tear the colorful construction paper and tissue paper into small pieces.

Draw a simple outline of a gift on the white piece of construction paper.

Glue the pieces of paper inside the box until it’s filled in.

Finish your gift by adding a bow to the top!

Gifts are fun to give. The BEST gift we could give is to tell others about Jesus!

Hard Things

Go to an open area of your home with your child. Make sure you aren’t too close to walls or anything that could hurt them if they fall!  

Have them try to do hard things such as click their heels, lick their elbow, spin around, wiggle their nose, wink, etc.

Those were some hard things to do! We can tell others about Jesus even when it’s hard!

Changing Colors

 Gather 3 small clear cups; red, yellow, and blue food coloring; and some sort of stirrer (coffee stirrers, straws, etc.)

Place a small amount of water in each cup.

Place one drop of yellow food coloring in one cup.

Place one drop of blue food coloring in another cup.

Place one drop of red food coloring in the last cup.

Now we are going to add an additional color to each cup and watch them change! Add a drop of blue food coloring to the yellow cup and stir. It’s now GREEN!   

Add a drop of red food coloring to the blue cup and stir. It’s now PURPLE! 

Add a drop of yellow food coloring to the red cup and stir. It’s now ORANGE!

The was so cool watching the water change colors. 
People can change too when they know Jesus!