Monday, January 20, 2014

Float a Boat

This activity only requires a few items:
A sponge, a straw, a piece of craft foam,
scissors and hole punch!

Cut a sail from the craft foam.

Punch a hole near the top
and another near the bottom
of the sail.

Thread the straw through the holes.

Use the scissors to make a slit in the sponge
but not all the way through.
Insert the end of the straw in the slit.

Now, during BathTime, your child can make
"waves" that toss the boat like the ones
that tossed the boat the disciples were in
when Jesus calmed the storm.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Walking on Water

Jesus can do ANYTHING
and this craft will let your child
retell the story of 
Jesus walking on the water! 

You will need some construction paper and 
markers or crayons, craft sticks, preferably two 
difference sizes, and scotch tape.

Start by making a boat.  You can let your 
child cut out the pieces, if they can handle scissors, Or you 
can let them draw it and cut it out for them.

Next, let them draw some water for the
boat to sail in...and for Jesus to walk on!

Either cut along one of the waves,
or let your child cut it.  
This makes a slit for the craft stick.

Again, depending on your child's ability,
they can either draw a picture of Jesus
on the construction paper,
or you can draw Him and cut Him out.
Tape Jesus to the craft stick, 
as shown.

Now your child can make Jesus 
walk to the boat on the water! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lunch for a Bunch

Here's an activity inspired by Bible Class Creations 
that will let your preschooler retell the story of
Jesus feeding the 5000 with one boy's lunch

You need a lunch bag, some colored paper,
or white paper to color,
tape, string & scissors.

Let your child cut out shapes 
of bread and fish. 
(if cutting is too hard, check the next pic)
Set 2 fish and 5 loaves aside.

If cutting is too difficult,
just make rectangles and let
your child draw the
bread and fish.

After setting aside the 2 & 5,
tape the remaining fish and
bread to a long piece of string.

Put the string in the bag.
Let your child tell the story:
One boy had a lunch
(open the lunch bag)
He had 5 rolls & 2 fish
(put in the loose fish/bread)
When Jesus blessed it, 
it became enough to feed
(reach in bag and pull out string
with ALL the fish and bread)