Thursday, March 21, 2019

Good Samaritan Role Play

Gather a piece of butcher paper, a teddy bear, and a doctor’s kit.
Lay the butcher paper on the floor to be a path. (If you do not have butcher paper, you could tape together multiple pieces of construction paper.)  

Place the teddy bear at the end of the path to be the hurt man.   

Have your child walk down the path, then stop and care for the hurt man like 
the Good Samaritan did.    

That was so kind of the Good Samaritan to help the hurt man. 
When Jesus is our friend, He gives us the power to be kind too!

Ring Toss Game

Gather Duplo blocks and pipe cleaners on a flat surface.

Make towers of varying heights out of the blocks. 

Bend and twist the pipe cleaners into rings. 

Try to toss the rings onto the towers!

We had to be patient and keep trying at our game. 
Do you know who gives you the power to be patient? 

Bird Craft

Gather a white piece of construction paper, colorful cupcake liners, 
googly eyes, glue, and a marker.

Fold the cupcake liners in half and glue to the paper.

Add a googly eye to each liner.

Draw legs and a beak on each “bird” with the marker.

God takes care of the birds and He will take care of you! He loves you!

Paul and Silas Snack

Gather pretzel sticks, icing, Sour Patch Kids, Graham crackers, a plate, and a spoon.

Place a one half of a Graham cracker on the plate and top with icing.

Place two Sour Patch Kids on the icing to be Paul and Silas.

Place pretzel sticks around Paul and Silas to be jail bars.

(Optional) Top with the other half of the Graham cracker.

Paul and Silas had joy even when they were in jail. 
We can have joy too when Jesus is our friend!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Heart Garland

Gather construction paper, yarn, scissors, a stapler, and hole punch.

Cut the construction paper into strips.

Fold each strip in half and crease at the bottom.

Bend each strip into the shape of a heart and staple together. (This may require multiple staples for more durability.)

Hole punch both sides of the hearts.

String the yarn through the holes on each heart to create the garland.

Ta-da! Hang your heart garland somewhere you can see it!

Hearts make me think of love. Jesus gives us the power to love!