Friday, January 11, 2019

Friendship Bracelet

Gather a pipe cleaner and pony beads in a small bowl.

Have your child thread pony beads onto the pipe cleaner until it’s almost full. Tell them they are making a bracelet for a friend!

Once there are enough pony beads on the bracelet, bend the pipe cleaner into a circle and tie the ends securely together.

God made us to respect ourselves but He also made us to respect others—including our friends! That was so nice of you to make a special bracelet for a friend.

Wash Away the Germs

Gather a clear bin with soapy water, a small towel, a scoop, and porcupine looking balls like these:    

Place the balls in the water. Tell your child these are the germs that you are needing to find and wash.

Have them scoop the germs out of the water and set them on the towel. They will be full of bubbles! Have them scrub, scrub, scrub the germs away by washing and drying them with the towel!

It’s important to take care of our bodies and get rid of the germs by washing our hands and bathing. God wants us to take care of the bodies He made for us!

Framed Handprint

Gather a piece of white cardstock or construction paper, a paper plate, a paintbrush, washable paint, a glue stick, and a couple different colors of construction paper.

Paint your child’s hand and press it onto the white piece of paper.

Wash your child’s hand and then let them tear the colored construction paper into squares.  

Have them glue the construction paper squares around the handprint to frame it.

YOU are important to God! God made you and God loves you!

Block Patterns

Gather Duplo blocks, white index cards, and dot markers. (Make sure you have the same color blocks as markers.)

Create color patterns on the cards with the dot markers. I made 3 different pattern cards.

Ask your child help you do the pattern cards by placing the correct color blocks on each dot. Tell them how smart they are while doing it! Once they have completed the pattern cards, they can free play with the blocks to show off their creativity.

God made you to be helpful, smart, and creative. God is all of those things too!

Picture Puzzle

Gather a picture of your child, Duplo blocks, scissors, and tape.

 Cut the picture into strips that will fit on the blocks.

Tape each picture piece to a block.

Stack the blocks to make the picture puzzle!  

God made you and you are WONDERFUL!