Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Heart Hunt

Gather your supplies.  
You will need a marker and post it notes and or heart stickers!

Write the bottom line, the memory verse or just put hearts on post it notes.

Hide them all over your house for your preschooler to go on a “heart hunt”! 

Breakfast with Jesus

Gather your supplies.  
You will need bread, plate, plastic knife and food that can be an eye! 

(You could definitely make pancakes for this if you wanted to instead of the bread)

Use kid friendly knife to cut a circle 
then cut a triangle out of the circle!  
Add the eye! 

Talk to your child about breakfast with Jesus as you make this together!

The Lost Coin

 Gather your supplies.  
You will need some coins and foil.

Place coins under foil and rub with fingers to make a coin rubbing. 

Talk to your preschooler about the story of the lost coin!!

Making Dough for Making Fun

Gather your supplies.  
You will need shaving cream, cornstarch, 
liquid watercolors or food coloring, a spoon and bowls. 
(we are making one color for a sample but you can make several to play with)

Add shaving cream to bowl.

Add a little cornstarch and stir.  There are no real measurements.  You will use a little less cornstarch than shaving cream.  Stir until you have a consistency like dough!

Add food coloring and stir!  Make as many colors as you want to!

Have fun making your own creations
 while talking with your child about how God made him!