Sunday, May 10, 2020

People I Can Help

Gather empty toilet paper tubes, scissors, construction paper, yarn cut into pieces, googly eyes, tape, and crayons or markers.

Roll and tape construction paper around the tubes for clothes.

Have your child create family or friends with the supplies given.  

Line them up and talk about things you could do to help them!    

God made you to help others!

Prayer Book

Gather construction paper, scissors, crayons or markers, a hole punch, and string.

Trace your child’s hand on several pieces of paper, then cut out. (Make sure your child doesn’t spread their fingers so the cutouts look like a praying hand.)

Write “My Prayer Book” on one of the cutouts. This will be the book cover.

Talk with your child about things they could pray for and write them on the prayer book pages.

Lay the cutouts on top of one another and hole punch on the end (pinky finger), then tie together with string. 

 I am so glad we can talk to God anytime, anywhere, about anything. God made you, and He loves when you talk to Him!   

Heart Snack

Gather crackers, sliced cheese, a small heart cookie cutter, and a plate.

Use the cookie cutter to create heart-shaped cheeses.

Place the cheese on the crackers to create a fun snack!

God loves you SO much. He loves you so much that He sent Jesus to be your friend forever!

Self-Portrait Masterpiece

Gather Modge Podge, a paintbrush, a picture of your child, and a white box lid.

Modge Podge the picture to the corner of the lid.

Let your child be an artist and paint around their image! Once it dries, you can display it in your home. 

You are so important to God. He made you and knows every little thing about you!

3D Self-Portraits

Gather Play-Doh and a variety of supplies such as googly eyes, potato head pieces, pipe cleaners, etc.

Have your child create their body out of Play-Doh.

Now, they can get creative with the supplies to create self-portraits!  

I am so glad God made you. There is no one like you. You are wonderfully made in God’s image!