Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Helping Hands at Home Hats

Here's an easy way to make a Helping Hands Hat if you don't have a real hat to use; 
make a picture of a hat for the refrigerator!

If your child is younger, you can google a picture of a ball cap and print it.  
If your child is old enough, let them draw a picture of a cap.

Once they have their hat, they can cut it out (you can help) and trace their hand print on it.

All during the month of May, when your child is helpful, let them put a sticker on their hat!
You can use stickers of things that they like, princesses or puppies.
Or you can make the sticker match the "help".
A"star" of the day or being kind and not "bugging" a sibling!
Make it fun and it will stick!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shake It Up - Home Version

If there are preschoolers in your home, then you probably have a few of these:

And that's all you need to retell the story of Paul and Silas in jail.  Preschoolers love the opportunity to knock down anything and everything.  This will let them.

Use your blocks to build a jail for Paul and Silas 
who look a lot like, Buzz and Tigger.

Time for the favorite part:  Earthquake!!!!!

While the Bible says that the jail doors came open, with a preschool earthquake it's very likely to knock down entire walls!  

Paul and Silas didn't escape!  They told the entire family of the jailer what happened!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Let's SEE....Like Saul!

When God opened Saul's eyes, he could see!

We can make fun glasses to wear while we talk about Saul!

All you need are some fun craft pipe cleaners in all your favorite colors.

To make the eye pieces take two pipe cleaners and make a circle the size you want your glasses to be.

Overlap and twist the two "eyes" together to fit.

Cut a long pipe cleaner in half and wrap around the outer edge to make the arms of the glasses.

These are so easy; no glue, no coloring, just bend and wear.  You can make a pair for everyone in the family!  Then wear them and see all the things God made that Saul could see after God opened his eyes.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Let's Go Tell Others About Jesus!!

Where can you go to tell others about Jesus?

Wherever you want to go!

How do you get there?

You draw a map!
Here's one I did, you can do it, too!

Give your preschooler a piece of poster board or a large sheet of paper.  Maps take a lot of room!  If you don't have poster board, just tape a couple of sheets of regular paper together.  The more sheets, the bigger the map.  Provide some markers or crayons and you're ready to begin!

Let them draw a map of your neighborhood, your city or any other place they know.

This map had home, with the tree out front, as well as the road to the park.  You know, the park with the pond and the swing....

As you are drawing, you can talk about who you might see on your trip.  Once the map is finished, take your map, jump in the car and follow your course you have set.
If you can't go right then, find a couple of "friends" to help you pretend you are going!

Enjoy your trip!  And remember, everywhere you go, you can tell people about Jesus!