Monday, February 24, 2014

The Amazing Book

Here's a book your preschooler can write.
It's a book of Amazing Things!
This is a fun way to see what
your child sees as amazing.
And it's a great way to remind him
that while all of this is amazing,
Jesus can do even more amazing things!

Here's what you need to make your book:
Construction paper, markers or crayons
a hole punch and some ribbon or yarn.

Fold the construction paper in half 
to make the pages of your book.

Stack the pages together and use
the hole punch to make two
holes for binding.

Run the ribbon through the holes 
through all the sheets of paper.

Make a smooth binding 
in the middle.

Let your child make a large "A"
on the front of his book for

Then let him draw on the pages
things that he feels are amazing.
Or you can cut out pictures from
magazines and gluestick them to the pages.

On the very last page, 
"Jesus can do even more
amazing things than these!" 

Let your child "read" you what he thinks is amazing in this world.
This will give you countless chances to remind your child:
Jesus came to do amazing things!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

String of Hearts

We know that God loves everyone 
and here is a way to help your preschooler 
think about all the people in his life that God loves 
practice his cutting skills, too!

You will need
some construction 
paper, markers, 
scissors and tape.

Cut the construction 
paper in half and then 
fold each half down
the center.

You end up with card-like pages

Draw half of a heart on one side,
fold in the middle. 
Make your heart as wide as
you need to let your preschooler
succeed in cutting it out. 

Let your child cut on the lines 
and open his hearts.

Cut an opening on one side and 
link your hearts
taping the slit.

For every heart you link,
let your child name someone
that God loves;
family, friends 
and even those we don't know.

God loves everyone! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Up and Down with Zacchaeus

What's more fun than climbing a tree?

Well, not much.  But most moms of preschoolers
prefer that they don't climb trees.  So here's a
craft that will let them help Zacchaeus climb
a tree and come down again, too!

Here's what you need:
A toilet paper tube, some green tissue paper, 
a small piece of cardstock,
scissors, markers or crayons, tape
and a craft stick.

Fold a piece of tissue paper in half
lengthwise, leaving the edges
 just a little uneven.

Roll the folded tissue around one end 
of the toilet paper tube and
tape it, making sure both edges
are caught in the tape

You can make tissue paper as long as
you'd like,  the more layers, the more leaves.
Just roll it and tape it as you go, on
top of itself.

Cut the tissue into strips, cutting down
close to the top of the tube.

Crumple each section to make leaves.

Cut a rectangle for your child to
draw Zacchaeus on, making sure
he will fit inside the tube. 

Tape Zacc to the end of a craft stick,
or a straw will work, too.

Now your child can make Zacchaeus climb
up the tree (through the center tube)
and look for Jesus from his high viewpoint.
Have fun helping him go up and down,
again and again......