Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Graham Cracker Wall

Gather a paper bowl, 
Graham Crackers, Teddy Grahams, icing, and a spoon.

Using the spoon, put some icing at the bottom of the bowl.

Then stand up some Graham Crackers all around the bowl. This is your “wall.”

Next, you can stand some Teddy Grahams around the wall. 
Then count to 7 and play a pretend “horn!”

Now eat it and watch the wall collapse! Joshua was wise, because he listened to God and followed God’s plan. God’s plan is always the BEST plan! Talk with your child about times when they can be wise, just like Joshua was.

Play Telescope

Gather a paper cup, an empty toilet paper holder, scissors, a pen, crayons, and stickers.

Place the toilet paper holder on top of the cup and trace around it.

Then cut out the circle, making a hole in the bottom of the cup.

Place the toilet paper holder in the hole of the cup. About ¾ of the toilet paper holder should be sticking out from the bottom of the cup. You should be able to see straight through one end to the other.

Decorate your telescope with stickers and crayons.

Take your telescope outside and “spy” stuff. Talk about how courageous it was of Rahab to hide the spies from the mean people. Talk with your child about some times that they can be courageous like Rahab, because God is always with us too.

Aluminum Crown

Gather a few pieces of construction paper in 
different colors, aluminum foil, markers or crayons, tape or glue, and scissors.

Cut out a circle from one of the pieces of 
construction paper and place it on another 
full piece of paper. This will be Esther’s head.

Next, cut out a dress/body for Esther and place it under her head.

Draw a crown shape on the aluminum foil and cut it out.

Once the crown has been cut, place it on top of Esther’s head.

Now you can complete the queen by drawing hair, 
eyes, a nose, mouth, arms, legs, etc. Let your child be as creative as they want!

Esther was a queen who was really strong. She went to the king and asked him to help save her family. I bet that was hard to do, but she was able to do it and be strong, because God was with her. Talk about times when we can be strong, because God is with us too.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Shaving Cream Fire

Gather shaving cream, red, yellow, and orange 
food coloring, a baking tray, and a Little Person figure.

Place the shaving cream on the tray.

Add in drops of red, yellow, and orange food coloring.

Let your child help you mix the colors into the shaving 
cream by stirring it around with your fingers.

Place the Little Person toy by the “fire.”

Elijah was so brave by pouring water on the altar and then trusting God to send fire and light it. He was brave, because he knew that God was with him! You can be brave too, because God is with you! Talk with your child about some times that they can be brave just like Elijah.