Monday, January 29, 2018

Palm Branch Art

Gather a white piece of construction paper, a paper 
plate, green paint, a green crayon, and wet wipes.

Draw a palm branch stem using the green crayon.

Pour some paint on the plate and place your child’s left hand in the paint. Make handprints on the left side of the stem, going all the way up.

Wipe your child’s left hand with a wet wipe and repeat with their right hand. Make handprints on the right side of the stem, going all the way up.

You now have a handprint palm branch!

On the first Palm Sunday, people laid tree branches down and waved them in their air while Jesus came down the road.

Money Pouch

Gather an envelope, a piece of string, a hole punch, play money, crayons and stickers.

Let your child decorate the envelope with the crayons and stickers.

Hole punch the top two corners of the envelope.

Place each end of the string through one of the holes and securely tie them. You now have a money pouch!

Let your child play with the money. They can put it in and then take 
it out of their money pouch.

Matthew was a tax collector. Tax collectors would take money from other people. One day Jesus asked Matthew to follow Him and he did! Anyone can follow Jesus!

Fish Snack

Gather Pretzel Snaps, Hershey Kisses, Goldfish, 
and a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil.

 Preheat your oven to 350 and then place pretzels on the pan.

Now place one Hershey Kiss on top of each pretzel.

Put the pan in the oven for 1-2 minutes and then stick 
one Goldfish on top of each pretzel when done.

 Enjoy your yummy snack!

Andrew, Peter, John and James all left their fishing nets to follow Jesus. Anyone can follow Jesus!

John the Baptist Craft

Gather a tissue box, blue construction paper, scissors, 
a glue stick, a craft stick, a white piece of construction paper, and crayons.

 Cut pieces from the blue construction paper to cover the tissue box. 
I did this by tracing each side and the top.

I also cut off the plastic material/film from the tissue box.

Glue the blue pieces all around the tissue box. This represents water! 

Next, draw a simple Jesus figure on the white construction paper and cut it out.

Tape the Jesus figure to the bottom of the craft stick. (Not the top!)

Dip Jesus in the water and then pull him out, like He is being baptized.

Jesus wanted John the Baptist to baptize him, so he did. People started following Jesus, because He is the greatest!

Three Times

Gather a piece of construction paper, small stickers, crayons, and scissors.

Draw a large bubble-lettered “3” on the page and 
cut it out. Identify the number with your child.

Using the crayons, write the number 3 on different areas of your cutout.

Place the stickers in groups of 3 on your cutout.

Count to 3 with your child. Peter once denied Jesus three times, 
but Jesus never stopped loving him. Jesus loves everyone!

Heart Painting

Gather a piece of construction paper, paint, a bowl, 
a clothespin, a pom-pom or cotton ball, and a crayon.

Draw a large heart on the paper.

Pour some paint in the bowl and place the pom-pom in the clothespin.

Paint away!

Continue painting until the heart is filled in. You can either “sponge paint” the entire thing, or turn it into a paintbrush like my son did.

Jesus loves EVERYONE, even if we make a bad choice or get in trouble. 
We should love others too!