Monday, May 11, 2015

Scooping Water Like Gideon!

Gather your supplies.  You will need several plastic containers of different sizes, measuring cups and scoops, a towel and your child/children. (you need water, too, but remember not to leave your little one unattended with water even though it is just a small amount)

Fill containers with a small amount of water.

Allow your child to scoop, play, etc… with the water and while the play talk to them about how God told Gideon and his army to go down to the river and do something silly but Gideon knew that God’s way is perfect so they listened and obeyed God.

Playing in the water.

A Whale of a Tissue Box!!

Gather your supplies.  You will need a Kleenex box, 
blue paper, tape, scissors and a black marker.

Cut and wrap Kleenex box in blue paper, 
leaving the top where you can pull the tissue through!

Cut a blue fin and tape to end of box.

 Draw eye and mouth and pull one piece of tissue 
out of the top to be like a spout of water! 

Read about Jonah and the big fish while you make this craft!

The Colors of the Rainbow

Gather your supplies.  
You will need a piece of paper, watercolors, 
a paintbrush and two cups (1 with water to rinse brush and 1 for tracing)

Allow your child to paint around the cups 
in all different colors making a rainbow 
of circles all over the paper. 

 Talk about the rainbow being God’s promise to us!

Animals for the Ark

Gather your supplies.  You will need popsicle sticks, a paper plate, markers, glue, scissors and any other decorative items you wish to use such as beads, feathers, etc…

Cut plate in half to make ark.

Decorate popsicle sticks to looks like the animals on the ark.  Have child color plate brown to look like ark!  Tape or glue animals in the ark!

Talk to your child about Noah and the ark while you are making the animals!