Monday, June 18, 2018

Burning Bush

Gather a black piece of construction paper, white chalk, a glue stick, and red, yellow, and orange tissue paper squares.

Draw a simple bush outline on the paper with the white chalk.

Crumble up a tissue paper square and glue it onto the bush. 

Continue doing this until your bush is full of “fire”!

God talked to Moses through a burning bush. He had an important job for Moses and promised to be with him. God will always be with you too!

Part the Sea

Gather a gallon-sized bag, blue hair gel, and foam fish stickers

Put the blue hair gel in the bag. I used about ¾ of the bottle.

 Then place the fish stickers in the bag (I did not take off the backing), close it, and spread out both the stickers and gel to make a “sea.”

Finally, part the sea down the middle revealing a “dry” path.

 God parted the sea so Moses and His people could walk through it. God promised to save them from Pharaoh and He kept His promise! He will keep His promises to you too.

Caring for Baby

Gather a baby doll, a bin with baby powder, and a bin with water.

Let your child care for the baby by putting baby powder on it. As you can see, my little one LOVED doing this!

 If the baby gets too messy, let them clean the doll off with the water!

Abraham and Sarah waited and waited for a baby, but God promised that they would have one, and God keeps His promises! They had a baby boy and named him Isaac.

Noah's Ark Snack

 Gather a banana, peanut butter, a knife, animal crackers, and a plate.

Peel the banana and sit it on the plate.

Spread some peanut butter on the top of the banana.

Place the animal crackers in the peanut butter to look like they are on a boat.

God told Noah to build a big boat fill it with two of every kind of animal, so he did. Noah trusted God and knew He would keep him and his family safe from the rain, because God keeps His promises!

Fruit Loop Rainbow

Gather white paper, crayons, and Fruit Loops.

Draw a simple outline of a rainbow with the crayons.

Start placing the Fruit Loops on the corresponding color of the rainbow.

Continue until your rainbow is complete and full of color!

God put a rainbow in the sky as a promise that He would never flood the whole earth again. Every time you see a rainbow, remember that God keeps His promises!