Sunday, December 28, 2014

Friends on the Roof!

Gather your supplies.  You will need a box, a “mat” (we used a lego piece but you could even make one with paper and popsicle sticks or whatever you have at your house), some people/friends, some string or yarn to lower the mat and scissors.

Cut a door on the side of the box 
and a hole in the top of the box; 
as shown.

Act out the story using the mat(s) and characters!

  Tell how Jesus healed the paralyzed man! 

"Picture" Yourself Blind!

 Gather your supplies.  
You will need a blindfold (we just used a piece of fabric),
 a piece of paper per child and some markers.

Blindfold each of your children.

Allow them to draw a picture, while blind folded, so they can see what it is like to be blind!
Talk about how the blind man needed Jesus so
he could see!

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Christmas Sheep

Gather your supplies. You will need something round (cardboard, a lid to something in your
pantry, etc...), cotton balls, scissors, glue, black construction paper, a white crayon (or googly eyes)

Cut center circle out of whatever you are using that is round!

Cut out sheep's head ears and feet out of black construction paper. Draw eyes on face.

Glue cotton balls all around circle.

Attach feet, face and ears to cotton balls!

Use your sheep to tell everyone about the 
message the angels shared with the shepherds
as they watched their sheep!

Star So Bright!

Gather your supplies. You will need scissors, to colors construction paper, markers and string.

Cut one star out of each color of construction paper. Make sure they are identical. 
We cut ours at the same time :)

Punch a hole in the top of one star. 
Cut a slit half way up the bottom of the start with the hole punch 
and half way down from the top of the other star (see photo)

Decorate star however you wish to decorate it!

Slide the two pieces together and hang with yarn or string!

Use your Shining Star to tell the story
of the Wise Men traveling to see

Baby Jesus Ornament

Gather your supplies. 
You will need a plate, a tan piece of paper, tape, scissors and a black 
marker and a pipe cleaner (not shown) 

Cut circle out of tan paper. 

 Tape circle to top of plate. 

Fold bottom plate up a third of the way (see photo) 

Fold sides towards center. Use tape to secure. 

Use the marker to put eyes on baby Jesus! 

Place pipe cleaner or yarn on top or tape to back. 

Hang baby Jesus on your tree and 
tell the story all over again!

Christmas Angel

 Gather your supplies. You will need a paper plate, glue, scissors, a white sheet of paper and a silver crayon/marker or glitter pen! 

Cut a "V" shape out of the paper plates, as shown. 

Cut a oval out of the white paper to use as the angels head!

 Color (or use whatever you are using that is silver) around the edge of both pieces of the plate! 

Glue small triangle plate and head on larger plate, as shown! 

Let your "angel" tell the story of 
bringing Mary exciting news!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spoon People

Gather your supplies. You will need plastic spoons (however many you
want to make), sharpie, scissors, glue, scrap fabric, construction paper, foam pieces,
yarn, etc… Just use whatever you have around your house!

Draw faces on spoons.

Cut out clothes to be able to dress you spoons. Glue clothes onto spoons.
You can add hair or whatever else you would like!

Play with your Spoon People and talk about
how God made everyone! 
And He made us all special!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Heart Animals

 Gather your supplies. You will need scissors, glue, different colors of paper 
to cut into different size heart shapes! (we added googly eyes to ours, too, because 
we are making a fox!) Be creative and make as many different animals as you want! 

Cut several hearts in all different sizes to use to create your animals. 

Glue hearts together to form whatever animal you are working on. We 
chose to make a fox! Add googly eyes; if desired.

You made Heart Animals!!!

Do you know who made the real animals?

God did!

Monday, November 10, 2014


Gather your supplies. You will need a bar of ivory soap, a plate 
and a microwave (not pictured) 

Place soap on plate and place plate in microwave. Microwave 
for 45 seconds. 

Now you have clouds made from soap! (Caution: the plate may 
be warm so be careful allowing the kids to touch it before it cools!) 

Now you have "Cloud Clay"!  God made the sky! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Planting Plants!

Gather your supplies. Fold a piece of construction paper or 
even use a cereal box. Use whatever seed (popcorn kernel, 
bean) have on hand. Add different textures and heights.
You will need a piece of brown 
construction paper, glue and beans, tissue paper, etc… 
(anything you have to create different textures) 

 Fold paper into an accordion.

Allow children to glue different textures into rows. Keep 
same items on each row.

Now you have three rows of plants! 
Who made the plants?
God made the plants!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Water Art

Gather your supplies. You will need a cookie sheet or some kind of plastic 
tray, a white sheet of paper and food coloring (markers may work if you do not have 
food coloring) 

 Place white paper on cookie sheet/tray. 

Set cookie sheet/tray and set in rain until paper is wet but not soaking wet.
(Take out 
in the rain or lay paper on newspaper and use a spray bottle.)

Allow children to place a few drops of food coloring on the paper and then 
watch it spread! You can tilt the tray to watch the colors mix!