Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Moses and the Water

Gather 2-3 large pom-poms, a large container for water, and a small opaque cup or container.

 Pour water into the large container and sit it next to the empty small cup or container.

Pick up a pom-pom and dip it in the water.

Hold the wet pom-pom over the empty small cup or container and squeeze the water into it.

Continue squeezing water out of the pom-poms until the cup or container is almost full.

Talk about how Moses hit the rock with his staff and water came out, 
just like water was coming out of the pom-poms!


Gather cotton balls, red tissue paper, a craft stick, glue, scissors, and a black marker.

Glue 3-4 cotton balls onto one side of the craft stick, leaving some space at the bottom.

Using the black marker, write “DAY” at the bottom of the stick.

Next, cut some squares out of the red tissue paper and glue them onto the other side of the craft stick, leaving some space at the bottom.

Using the black marker, write “NIGHT” at the bottom of the stick.

Flip the “pillar” (craft stick) from one side to the other while talking about how God gave Moses clouds to follow during the day (show the cloud side) and fire to follow during the night 
(show the fire side).

The Red Sea

Gather a plate, a small bowl, two Graham Crackers, Teddy Grahams, white icing of any flavor, blue food coloring, and a spoon.

Put some (not all) of the white icing in the small bowl. Add a few drops of the blue food coloring and stir with the spoon until it’s reached your desired shade of blue.

Using the spoon, spread blue icing on one side of the Graham Crackers, then place them side-by-side in the center of the plate, near the bottom. These represent the “Red Sea.”

Take the spoonful of the white icing 
(make sure the spoon is cleaned so it doesn’t turn blue) 
and put it at the top of the plate, above the Graham Crackers.

Place 5-6 Teddy Grahams on the white icing. These are “God’s people.”

Move the Graham Crackers together and apart again as you talk about how God parted the Red Sea so Moses and God’s people could get across. Once you’re done with the activity, I think you should enjoy the treats!

Burning Bush

Gather a paper towel tube, 3-4 coffee filters, a red, orange, and yellow marker, scissors, and a spray bottle with water

First, color on the coffee filters with the red, orange, and yellow markers.

Next, you will need to lightly spray the coffee filters with the spray bottle.  You don’t want to soak them, but to wet them just a little bit. Then set them aside and let them dry.

Now, take the scissors and cut slits around one side of the paper towel tube, a couple of inches long and about ½ inch wide.

Then push the strips out and bend them down a little.

For the last step, tuck the coffee filters into the paper towel tube, slit-side up.

Now you have the perfect visual to talk about how God talked to Moses through a burning bush!

Baby Moses

Gather any basket you have in the house, a blanket, and a baby doll.

Place the baby doll in the basket.

Put a blanket over the baby doll, as though you are tucking it in.

Talk about how baby Moses was at the beginning of a GREAT adventure.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Dip Seven Times

Gather a clear glass of milk and an Oreo.

Dip an Oreo in the milk.

Pull the Oreo out of the milk. Count out loud as you dip the Oreo and continue until you have dipped it seven times.

Talk about how God told a man named Naaman to dip SEVEN times in a river to get rid of all his boo boos. And, it worked! Isn’t that awesome? Now, repeat as many times as you’d like and enjoy the yummy treat!

Jonah and the Big Fish

Gather two white paper plates, blue tissue paper, scissors, 
tape, glue, any color marker, and a Little People toy figure.

Cut a triangle out of one of the white paper plates. (Cut out about ¼ of the plate.)

Tape the triangular piece to the back of the other paper plate. The triangular piece will represent the tail.

Cut, or tear, tissue paper squares and glue them onto the fish’s body and tail.

Give the fish an eye and a mouth by drawing it on with the marker.

Place the Little Person toy figure on the plate in the fish’s belly. This will be Jonah.  Talk about how the fish swallowed Jonah.

 Now take “Jonah” out of the fish’s belly and talk about how the fish spit him out.

You can continue to put Jonah in and out of the fish’s belly while talking about how the fish spit him out. Jonah did not trust God at first and got swallowed by a big fish. Jonah prayed while inside the fish and then the fish spit him out. Then, Jonah did what God told him to do.


Gather a piece of white, red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, light blue, and purple construction paper, scissors, and tape. Gather one more piece of light blue construction paper (2 total of this color).

Cut a strip out of the red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, light blue, and purple pieces of construction paper, about 2 inches wide. Cut a strip from only one of the light blue pieces of paper, not both.

Then, cut a large cloud out of the white piece of construction paper.

Lay the other light blue of construction paper on the table and fan out the strips of construction paper vertically, in order: (starting on the left) red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, light blue, and purple. Tape them to the light blue construction paper.

Lay the cloud on top of the “rainbow”, at the bottom, and secure with tape.

Talk about how God sent a rainbow as a promise that He would never flood the earth again. We’re so grateful for that promise!

The Ark

Gather two small tortillas, 3 pretzel sticks, 
2 graham cracker squares, animal crackers, and a plate.

Tear two tortillas into halves. Lay one half of a tortilla at the center of the bottom of the plate. Then lay two more tortilla halves on top of the tortilla at the bottom of the plate, off-centered.

Break the graham crackers into rectangles. Lay two of the graham cracker rectangles at the top of the tortillas, centered.  Then lay another graham rectangle at the top of the other graham crackers pieces, centered.

 Next, lay a pretzel stick, slanted, on either side of the top graham cracker, meeting at a point in the center. Then break the last pretzel stick in half and lay it in between the graham cracker and top point of the pretzel sticks.

Finally, place 3 pairs of animals on the “ark.”

Now you can eat and enjoy your snack! While you eat it, talk about how Noah trusted God and did what He said. He built a huge ark and put two of every animal on it.