Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stop and Go

What you will need: Red and green construction paper, 
two popsicle sticks, tape, a sharpie, and a few red and green pom poms.

Cut the construction paper into two circles 
and stick them onto the popsicle sticks. 
Attach a few pom poms to each.

Write go on the stick with the green circle, and stop on the red. 

Now have your preschooler stand on one side of the room. Stand on the other and switch between holding up the go and stop signs. When the green is up, your child moves, when the red is up he or she stops.

Hand Print Animals

What you will need: Blue paint, pink paint, 
cardstock, a sharpie, and something to spread the paint in.

To make an elephant, dip your preschoolers hand into the 
blue paint and stamp their hand onto the cardstock as shown.

Your paper should look like this, can you see the elephant?

 Draw on the face, ears, and tail to finish your elephant!

Now, to make the flamingo, dip your preschooler’s 
hand into the pink paint and stamp it onto the cardstock as shown.

Draw on the eyes and beak to finish your flamingo. 

You and your preschoolers have created your very own animals!

Talk about all the different animals that God created!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Thumbprint Birds

What you will need: a white piece of paper, 
different colored stamp pads, scissors, and a pen.

Cut the paper into a small small rectangle and 
use your child’s thumbprint to create bird-like shapes.

Draw on little faces to make birds!

Talk about how God made all the birds!