Monday, July 21, 2014

All About Me

 All About Me "life sized me" that the children decorate as themselves, this could also 
be done outside with sidewalk chalk on a pretty day. 

 Gather supplies. You will need a large roll of paper and markers. (You could do this outside 
with sidewalk chalk if you would like to) 

Photo 2 – Have child lay on paper 

Photo 3 – Trace child 

Photo 4 – Finished tracing should look like this. 

Photo 5 – Have child decorate to look like himself/herself.

Newspaper Pirate Hat. Arrrrr Matey!

Photo 1 – Gather your supplies. You will need one section of newspaper (at least 4 pages), 
a stapler and something to decorate with. (We are using markers but you could use dot 
paints, stickers, stamps, etc…) 

Have your child decorate both sides of the newspaper. 

Photo 3 – Fold the paper in half 

Photo 4 – Fold in half again. 

Photo 5 – Turn corners in to form a point. 

Photo 6 – Fold bottom up on one side and secure with staple or tape. Flip over and fold 
other side to match. 

Photo 7 – You have a pirate hat!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Friendship Bracelets

                                        Gather supplies. You will need some straws 
                                      (you could use pasta if you already have that), 
                                                   yarn or pipecleaners, scissors.         

                                                 Cut the straws into 1 inch pieces. 

                                             String straw pieces onto pipe cleaner. 
                                       Tie together to form bracelet. May need to adjust 
                                                   sizing depending on wrist size 

You could also make a kit in a baggie to give to different friends. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Sharing Pirate Ship!

Gather supplies. You will need an egg carton (or shoe box), piece of construction paper, 
popsicle stick, scissors, tape and things from around your house your preschooler would like to share 
with a friend to fill the egg carton. 

Cut the egg carton in half. 

Photo 3 – Cut construction paper to form a sail and attach to popsicle stick. 

Stick popsicle stick (with sail attached) in egg carton. You may have to use scissors to create 
a hole. 

Fill egg carton with items from around your house that your preschooler would like to share 
with a friend…or that you, the parent, would like to share with the child! 

Let kids put things in the box/boat 
of things they could share with a friend. Do scenarios, if a friend came to play, what toy(s) would you 
share? Would you share a snack? Or go a different route and let the parent fill will things they would like to share with the child. Maybe even plan a pirate picnic if you filled with a fun pirate snack.