Monday, February 9, 2015

Branches for Palm Sunday

your supplies. You will need a piece of green construction paper, scissors and tape. 

Cut your construction paper in ½ inch strips about half way down the length of the paper (see picture)

Roll uncut end of paper into a tube and tape.

Fluff top pieces of paper where you cut into strips to create palm branch. 

Allow your child to wave their branch and tell them to say, “Hosannah!”, and talk about Jesus riding into town on a donkey!

Washing the Disciple's Feet

Gather your supplies. You will need a baby doll 
(we only have boys so we used Buzz), paint, 
plate, paper, a bowl of water, wipes (or paper towel) 

Squirt a little paint onto plate. Dip doll (or character)’s foot in paint.

Have doll “walk” across paper to show how their feet are dirty! 

Wipe or wash the doll’s feet and let your preschooler watch! 

Talk to your child about Jesus washing His disciples feet! Tell them how sometimes we have to help people who may not look or smell “clean” but God wants us to love and serve everyone around us!

The Good Samaritan

Gather your supplies. You will need two pieces of felt, tan and white. (you could use construction paper if you don’t have felt), scissors, glue, a stuffed animal

Cut rectangle shape of tan felt and square of white felt. Glue white piece in center of tan piece to make band-aid. 

Use stuffed animals to tell the story of The Good Samaritan! 

Talk to your child about The Good Samaritan and ask them how they can help those around them!

Let's Talk about Sharing!

Gather your supplies. You will need paper, tape, marker and some kind of box that you can drop (we used a Chinese takeout box). The more square the better, you are going for a dice shape! 

Use paper to cover the box! 

Write questions on each side of the cube to ask your preschooler.

Have them roll the “dice” and answer the question on the side it lands on.

 Some sample questions would be: 
1. What is something you have that would be really hard to give up? 
2. What is something you have that would be easy to give up? 
3. Is it hard to give something you love to someone else? 
4. How can YOU love like Jesus loves? 
Talk to your child about how they can love others like Jesus loves! 

Bigger Barns!

 Gather your supplies. You will need some kind of block. 
We used a Jenga game and used the wooden 
blocks that came with it but you could use any blocks you have! 

Stack the blocks to build a big barn! 

Talk about how God doesn’t want us to store up things for ourselves! 
He gives us a lot so that we can share with others!

Martha's Matching Game

Gather your supplies.  You will need a marker, a large piece of construction paper and several items from your kitchen!  (we used a measuring cup, spoon, cookie cutter, kids knife and cheese grater)

Trace each item on the paper.

Have children match the objects to what they have traced!

Talk about the story of Mary and Martha!! 

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Centurion's Sword

Gather your supplies.  You will need foil, construction paper, glue, scissors and a marker.

 Use marker to draw outline of sword and shield on construction paper. 

Cut or tear foil and glue pieces to cover sword and shield!

(You can write a verse at the bottom or just leave blank.)

Feeding the Pigs

Gather your supplies. 
 You will need a water bottle, pink paper,
 2 googly eyes, scissors, glue, black sharpie, tape

Cut strip of pink paper and tape around outside of water bottle, leaving room at the top.

Cut out two triangles, for ears, and glue to pink paper that is already on the water bottle.

Glue googly eyes on water bottle in front of ears.  (see picture)

Draw snout on water bottle lid for the pig nose!

Use your pig to tell the story of the dad who loved his son no matter what!
Remind your child that Jesus loves him no matter what, too!