Monday, May 22, 2017

Listening Walk

Gather spiral notebook or a clipboard with a piece of paper and a pen.

Go outside with your child/children and ask them what they hear. Tell them that they have to listen very carefully!

Write down what they hear! If they need help, you can point out birds chirping, dogs barking, cars driving, the wind blowing, airplanes flying, etc. This activity is really fun!

Tell them they have great listening skills. They can listen, just like Samuel listened to God. It’s very important that we listen to Him!

Snack Crown

Gather a piece of pineapple, small grapes, Trix or some other small, round cereal, a knife, and a plate.

To cut out your crown, you can start by cutting the bottom and the sides of your pineapple. (Please do not let your child do the cutting. Just let them describe their vision to you to prevent any accidents!)

Next, you can cut little triangles in the top of the pineapple to be the tips of the crown. Be as creative as you want with this!

Now you can add some jewels! I started by cutting small pieces of grapes and adding them to the bottom of our crown.

 I then topped off our crown by adding Trix cereal jewels to the top. I think the added color is so fun!

Now you can enjoy your snack! Talk about how David wore a crown once he was anointed King. David was a great leader! We can be great leaders too.

Five Stones

Gather a brown piece of construction paper, gray fabric or gray construction paper, a marker, scissors, and glue.

 Cut the brown construction paper into the shape of a bag.

Next, write “David and Goliath” at the top of your bag.

Cut the gray fabric or paper into small stone shapes and glue them onto your bag. You need 5 stones total. Count aloud with your child as you add the stones.

David used 5 stones to beat Goliath. Only 5 stones! David was very brave. Talk to your child about how they can be very brave too.

Cup Phone

Gather two cups, a piece of string or yarn (mine is about 2-feet long), and scissors. 

Using the scissors, poke a hole in the bottom of each cup.

Thread one end of the string through one of the cup holes and then tie to secure.

Repeat with the other end of the string and the second cup and then… ta-da! Your phone is ready! If you’re talking, you should have your end of the cup phone to your mouth. If you’re listening, the cup phone should be against your ear. 

ake turns talking and listening to one another. You can even talk quietly, then loudly. When your child is listening, talk to them about how they are listening just like the people were listening to Jesus teach at the Temple!