Thursday, October 5, 2017

Traffic Light Game

Gather a piece of green, yellow, and red construction paper, 3 craft or popsicle sticks, a black marker, scissors, and tape.

Draw a circle on each piece of construction paper.

Cut out each circle.

Write “Go!” on the green circle, “Slow” on the yellow circle, and “Stop!” on the red circle.

Tape each circle to a craft stick and play the traffic light game! When you hold up the green “light,” your child can move. When you hold up the yellow “light,” your child can move slowly. When you hold up the red “light,” your child needs to stop. Add in different types of movement to make it even more fun!

Talk about how we need to follow the rules of the game, just like how we can follow God’s rules that He gave us. (The Ten Commandments.)