Thursday, March 31, 2016

Straw Flute

What you will need: 8 plastic straws, scissors, and tape.

If the straws have a bendy top, cut it off.

Cut the straws about a ½ inch off each other.

Tape them together to finish your flute!

I Can Be a Friend

What you will need: Rectangular piece of paper, scissors, and pen

Fold the paper accordion style.

Draw a person on the paper.

Cut the person out leaving the limbs that touch the fold.

On each person, write a way you can care for a friend.

Mailable Hug

What you will need: 3 colors of construction paper, scissors, ribbon, and a pen.

Cut out one large heart, two small hearts, and 2 of your preschooler’s hands.

Attach the paper onto the string in this pattern

Write “Here is a HUG!” onto the larger heart. 

Now you can send a family member your hug or give to them in person!

Family is Better Together

What you will need: A colored piece of paper 
for every member of your family, 
another piece of white paper, scissors, and a pen.

 Trace and cut each family member’s handprint.

Glue each down onto the paper starting with the largest. 

Now you have a cute family craft that you can display as is, or maybe even frame!

Friendship Salad

What you will need: a snack for every friend and some bowls.

 Friends love to eat together, so have every friend 
present bring their favorite snack. 

Mix them together and enjoy your friendship salad and talk about 
how God gave us good friends!