Monday, September 18, 2017

Take Care

 Gather a plush animal/doll, a basket or baby bed, a blanket, plastic food, and a play plate/utensils.

Make your plush friend a bed to sleep in by placing him in the basket and 
covering him with a blanket.

Make your plush friend a plate of food to eat too.

Continue taking care of your plush friend, making sure he is fed well and has a nice place to sleep.

You helped take care of your friend just like David helped take care of Mephibosheth. David gave Mephibosheth a place to sleep and food to eat, just like you did. God wants us to help others. He will help us help others!

For a Friend

 Gather a paper bag, stickers, a marker, and the ingredients/supplies needed to bake cookies. (These will be going to a friend of your child’s choice, so you could consider what kind they would like most!)

Make the cookie dough and get them ready for baking! Let your child help you as much as possible.

While the cookies are baking, have your child decorate a paper bag with stickers.

Once your cookies are done, pull them out of the oven and allow time for cooling.

Once they are cooled, place them in the decorated brown paper bag. You could also write, “To: My friend (friend’s name), From: Your friend, (child’s name)” on the bag

Now go and deliver the cookies to your child’s friend! Talk about how David and Jonathan were good friends and we have good friends too. We can be a good friend with God’s help!


Gather a piece of cardboard (even one from an old box will do), scissors or an x-acto knife, crayons or markers, and ribbon.

Draw a shield shape onto the cardboard.

Cut out the shield.

Cut 2 holes near the top center of the shield

Loop a piece of ribbon through the holes and tie it in the back to be the “handle.”

Write “God can help me” (this month’s Bottom Line) on the shield.

Decorate your shield with crayons or markers!

Bottom Tagline- Shields help protect us in battle. David was very strong and protected in battle with God’s help. God helped David and He will help us with anything too!

Paper Cup Sheep

 Gather a paper cup, cotton balls, 4 clothespins, 
black permanent marker, a piece of black construction paper, scissors, and glue.

Color the bottom part of the clothespin 
(without the opening) with the marker to make them look like feet.

Start gluing cotton balls onto the sheep. Continue until the sheep is completely covered with fur.

Add one more cotton ball near the top of the sheep to be the head.

Cut 2 ears, 2 eyes, and a mouth out of the black construction paper.


Glue each of the pieces on the sheep to complete the sheep’s face. 
(You could also draw these on if you would rather.)

David was able to protect the sheep with God’s help. We can do things with God’s help too! Talk with your child about some things you can do with God’s help.