Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Catching Stars

Gather a clear plastic bin, dry beans, foam star stickers, and preschool tweezers.

Pour the beans into the bin. 

Add in the foam stars.  

Let your child use the tweezers to “catch” stars by pulling them out and sitting them on the table.

 The wise men followed a star to baby Jesus. They went to see Him because they knew Jesus is special!   

Colorful Cupcake

 Gather a white paper plate, a piece of colorful cardstock, bright colored tissue paper, mini pom-poms, a large or regular-sized pom-pom, scissors, and glue.

Cut the cardstock to look like a cupcake liner (a trapezoid shape).   

Cut the paper plate in half and glue to the cardstock, rounded part at the top.

 Cut or tear the tissue paper into squares and glue to the plate to resemble icing.

Glue mini pom-poms to the tissue paper (“icing”) to be sprinkles.

Glue the regular-sized pom-pom to the top middle to be the cherry. 

We celebrate Jesus’ birthday on Christmas. He is so special and the best gift ever!

Sheep Snack

Gather pretzels, pretzel sticks, marshmallows, and a plate. (Note: I used mini/regular sizes of these items, but the jumbo would work as well.)

Place four pretzel sticks in the bottom of the marshmallow to be legs. (Note: If they are too long, break them off into equal lengths and then add to the marshmallow.)

 Place the pretzel in the middle of the marshmallow to be the sheep’s face. (And then enjoy a yummy snack!)

The shepherds were taking care of their sheep when an angel came and told them that Jesus had been born. They were so excited—they went to see God’s Son!

Stable Scene

Gather crackers, sliced cheese, a mini star cookie cutter, a boiled egg, 
a cupcake liner, and a plate.

Cut the boiled egg in half and place it in the cupcake liner to be baby Jesus. Place it near the center of the plate.

 Place crackers around the cupcake liner to be the stable.

Make stars with the cheese and star cutter. Place one at the top of the stable. (And others around the plate if you’d like.)

 Jesus, God’s Son, was born in a stable!    

Angel Cup

Gather a small white Styrofoam cup, a coffee filter, a gold or yellow pipe cleaner, white paper, a black marker, tape, and scissors.

Cut a circle proportional to the cup to be the angel’s face and add facial features with the marker.

 Fold the coffee filter in half and tape onto the back of the cup to be the wings.

Tape the face to the cup above the wings.

Bend one end of the pipe cleaner into a circle and then bend the rest down straight under it. Trim to an appropriate length.

Stick the “halo” into the center top of the cup. Your angel is complete!

An angel came to tell Mary she would have a special baby—Jesus, God’s Son!