Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Popcorn for Everyone!

What you will need: Popcorn cornels and a paper bag.

Put ½ a cup of popcorn into a paper bag and fold it over twice.

Microwave for 3 minutes, but stop when popping slows to three pops every seconds. Now you have homemade microwave popcorn!

Share your popcorn with your family and talk about the time that
Joseph helped save enough food for everyone to eat. God had a 
plan for Joseph and for you, too.

Jailed Like Joseph

Gather what you will need: Scissors, Tape and Streamers

Cut streamers and tape them to the bottom of a table so they touch the floor.

Now you have your very own mini jail!

Let your child pretend he is in jail.  Talk about how Joseph might have
felt when he was in jail in Egypt!  

Walk This Way

What you will need: Tape

Use the tape to outline an obstacle course.

Try jumping in and out or hopping on one foot across the obstacles.

Talk with your child about how God always has a plan for 
our path, just like he had a plan when Joseph 
went to Egypt.

Joseph's Candy Coat

Gather your supplies: Marshmallow Fluff, 2 Gram Crackers, and Rainbow Belt Candy

Break one gram cracker in half and cover both crackers in marshmallow fluff.

Cover the three pieces with the candy to make Joseph’s Coat.

Enjoy your snack and talk with your child about the coat 
that Joseph's dad gave him!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lion Prints

What you need: A piece of printer paper, 
a yellow stamp pad, yellow and 
orange construction paper, a pen, and scissors.

Take your preschoolers hand and use the stamp pad to 
print it on the piece of printer paper.

 Cut your construction paper into 1 inch pieces

Place the pieces around the thumb of the hand print.

Draw a face on the thumb and you have your very own lion.

Talk with your preschooler about the time that God helped 
Daniel be brave in the lion's den.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Praying Hands

 What you need: Tape, printer paper, scissors, 
blue construction paper, pencil,  and a sharpie.

Trace and cut out your preschooler’s hand on the construction paper.

Tape the two hands together at the bottom of the palm.

Cut out a square of the printer paper and write “People I’m Praying For”.

Tape it onto the hand.

Write on each finger a person your preschooler 
wants to pray for so that you can remember each and every day.

Remind your preschooler that he can pray and God
will help him and his friends and family be brave!

Be Brave Bucket

What you need: A tin pail, painters tape, a sharpie, and craft sticks.

Print out Be Brave onto the painter’s tape and stick the tape onto the pail.

Write ways your preschooler needs to “be brave” on 
craft sticks and put them in the pail.

Now you have your vary own “be brave” bucket.

Gideon's Trumpet

What you will need- tape, brown construction paper, 
and red tissue paper.

Tape your paper into a cone shape

Stuff the red tissue paper in the top and get ready to march 
around the house with your very own torch. 

Make sure to yell “For the Lord and for Gideon” as you do!