Thursday, January 2, 2020

Fish Net Snack

Gather Goldfish, a piece of netting material, and a twist tie or string.

Place Goldfish in the center of the net.  

 Tie up the net of fish!

 Andrew, Peter, John, and James were fishermen. They were fishing one day when Jesus said ‘Come follow me!” And they did! They got out of their boat to follow Jesus. 
We can follow Jesus too!

Money Sorting

 Gather play money, a piece of paper, and a marker.

Divide the page into sections. (Three sections if you have three types of money, etc.) Then write the amounts at the top of each section.

 Sort the play money into the appropriate section.  

Matthew was a tax collector, but he collected too much money from the people in the town! No one wanted to be his friend… except for Jesus! Jesus wants to be everyone’s friend!

Silly Straw Fun

 Gather a silly straw, felt, and scissors.  

Cut the felt into circles and then make a small hole in the middle of each one.

One at a time, have the felt circles “follow” one another onto the straw until they’ve reached the bottom.     

There were twelve disciples that followed Jesus. They tried to be like Him by loving and helping others. We can follow Jesus too!

Pom-Pom Heart

Gather a piece of construction paper, scissors, pom-poms, a marker, and glue.   

Draw a heart on the paper and cut it out.

Make a line of glue all around the edge of the heart.

Place pom-poms on the glue.    

The most important thing we can do is love others like Jesus does. When we follow Jesus, we can love everyone!

Little People Water Play

Gather a bin of water, Little People figures, and a washcloth. 

Play with the Little People figures in the water pretending to baptize.

 Dry them off with the washcloth! 

Jesus wanted John to baptize him, and John did because he knew 
Jesus is special! Just like John followed Jesus, we can follow Jesus too.