Sunday, November 15, 2020

Heart Stack


Gather different colored construction paper or foam sheets, a marker, and scissors.   

Draw a different-sized heart on each color paper.  

Cut out the hearts.   

Stack the hearts from largest to smallest. 

Jesus loves you, no matter what! There is nothing you could do to make Him stop loving you.

Soldier Snack


Gather a plate, pretzel sticks, Pocky sticks, Strawberry Sour Patch Kids, Ritz crackers, and Pringles. (Note: Feel free to find alternate options in your pantry!)  

Place a Ritz cracker on the plate for the soldier’s head.

Next, break off the sides of the cracker for the soldier’s body.  

Lay a Pringle beside the soldier for the shield. 

Create an arm and legs with the pretzel sticks.

Next, make the sword from Pocky sticks.

Finally, create the helmet and shoes from the candy. (I tore off the green color to make smaller pieces.)

Jesus loved the Centurion, and Jesus loves you! And, just like Jesus helped the Centurion soldier, He can help you too. 

Time with a Friend

Gather a plush friend and books about love.  

Have your child “read” to their plush friend to spend time with them.  

It’s great to spend time with friends! It’s great to spend time with Jesus too! Jesus wants to be our friend forever!

Name Poster


Gather butcher paper, crayons or markers, heart stamps, and an inkpad.   

Write your child’s name in large block letters on the paper.  

Let them color in their name with the crayons or markers. 

Add heart stamps around the name. Talk about how Jesus loves [Child’s name]!

Jesus loves you, and Jesus loves me!

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Painting with Mud


Gather a piece of paper, a small cup, and a paintbrush. 

Go outside and scoop some dirt into your cup.

Add a small amount of water to your dirt and stir to create mud.

Paint away with the mud you made! 

Jesus used mud to make a man who was blind able to see! Jesus is amazing!

Celery Fish Painting

Gather a piece of paper, a paper plate, a marker, celery sticks, and washable paint. 

Place some paint on the plate with celery sticks as paintbrushes.

Draw an outline of a fish on the paper.

Have your child paint scales onto the fish using the celery sticks and paint.

Fishermen had been fishing all night long and didn’t catch any fish. But, guess what? Jesus got in their boat and told them to cast their nets again. Their nets filled with SO many fish that the nets almost broke! Jesus is AMAZING! 

Boat Snack


Gather a paper plate, sliced apples, sliced cheese, and toothpicks.  

Tear the cheese into a small square and slide onto a toothpick for the sail.  

Stick the toothpick into the apple slice to create a boat!

Jesus and His friends were on a boat when it started to storm. Jesus told the storm to stop, and it did! Wow! Jesus is amazing!