Monday, September 23, 2013

My Sharing Plan!

God had a plan for Joseph to save
 all those in Egypt, his family and 
even people from nations that he didn't even know.

Here's a project to let your child
give to family, friends and the needy community
around you. 

Here's what you need:
a widemouth jar, paper in two colors,
markers, scissors, glue or tape
and foam stickers or other decorations..

Let your child draw 3 things he could share on one color paper;
one food, one toy, one piece of clothing.

On the other color, let him draw 3 people;
a family member, a friend and a stranger.

Cut out the people and items to share.
Fold the pictures and put them in the jar.

Decorate a label for your jar,
you can make up your own name!

Each week, let your child pick one picture of each color.
He can pick one thing to give: a type of food (like a cookie)
a toy (like a race care)  or a piece of clothing (like an outgrown dress)
pick someone to give it to:
A family member, a friend, or a needy person in your community.

Joseph didn't know how God would use him to be kind to
so many different people.  Your child can 
randomly show this same type of kindness, too!

Monday, September 16, 2013

A Plan For Me Puzzle

Children have a lot of plans. 
Some plans are made for them.
Some plans they make for themselves.
Still other plans may be in their hopes and dreams.

This activity lets your child make a puzzle
and that puzzle gives you opportunity to 
talk about some of those plans.

This is a simple activity and only requires a few supplies:

A piece of poster board or card stock.
Some crayons, markers or paint,
depending on how messy you want to be.
Scissors or an exacto knife (for the parents)
Laminating sheet (optional)
Magnets (optional) 

First decide what picture to draw to make the puzzle.
It could be a picture of what your child wants to be when he grows up.

Or it could be a picture of somewhere your child would like to visit;
 a place you could plan to go.  Or something your child would like to do.
Draw the picture on the poster board or cardstock

(If you chose to laminate the puzzle, do that next.)

Use the scissors or exacto knife (adults only) 
 to cut the picture into puzzle pieces.

(If you chose to use the magnets, stick to the back of each puzzle piece)

As your child puts the puzzle pieces together,
 talk about how God fits His plan for our life together, 
one piece at a time!  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hard Things Challenge

Preschoolers have a life full of hard things to do:

Eat your vegetables

Clean up your toys

But God can help us to all the things planned for us, 
even the hard ones.

This spinner can help you and your child make a 
game out of the "hard" things to do.

First, make the spinner!

You'll need a paper plate; white will work, or a bright color works, too!
Scissors, depending on your child's age
Glue stick, brad, and card stock.
Pictures from a newspaper ad or magazine representing things 
that are hard to do.

Cut out the pictures and glue them around the plate.

Let your child draw an arrow and cut it out 
(or you cut it for them)
Use the brad to connect the arrow to the plate

Cut a piece of sticky-back magnet 
and place it on the back.

Now you can put your "Hard-Things-Challenge" on 
the refrigerator to keep it handy.

In the course of the day, when it's time to do that
"hard thing", make a game of it!  
Take your child to the spinner,
Let them move the spinner to that challenge,
then talk about how God will help them do the
hard thing!  Then do it, and make a 
out of the fact that your child beat the challenge!