Thursday, May 23, 2019

Craft Stick Barn

 Gather a piece of red construction paper, six craft sticks, yellow tissue paper, and glue. 

Make a square out of four craft sticks to be the base of the barn.

Use the last two craft sticks to create the roof.

 Add some grain (yellow tissue paper) to the barn.  

The farmer kept all of his food for himself instead of sharing. He even built a bigger barn to hold it! But the Bible teaches us to share our stuff. Talk with your child about some things they can share

Build A House

Gather a block base, a tub/pan, Jenga or any other wooden blocks, and beans.

Pour the beans in your bin.  

Use the blocks to build a “house” on the beans (to represent sand). Notice how unstable the blocks are on top of the beans!

Then use the blocks to build a “house” on the block base (to represent rock). The blocks are much more stable on this base!   

The man who built his house on the rock made the wise choice and his house stood strong. The Bible teaches us how to make wise choices!

Heart Snack

Gather a plate, a small heart cookie cutter, and cucumber and apple slices (or any other fruits/vegetables your child likes that will cut easily).

Press the heart cookie cutter into the apple slices to make heart bites.

Press the heart cookie cutter into the cucumber slices to make heart bites.

Ta-da! A plate full of heart snacks! Enjoy!    

God loves us so much He gave us Jesus to be our friend forever. 
He’s the best friend we could ever have!

Hearts of Gold

Gather wax paper, yellow Play-Doh, gold glitter, and a heart cookie cutter.   

Place the yellow Play-Doh on the wax paper and add in some gold glitter.  

Press the cookie cutter into the Play-Doh to make heart shapes. Make as many hearts as you’d like!

Hearts remind me of love. 
The Bible tells us God loves us and we can trust what the Bible says. 
The Bible is better than gold!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Baking Patience

Gather a cookie tray and cookies.  

Preheat the oven and have your child arrange the cookies on the cookie tray.  

Bake the cookies and then set them out to cool. 
Talk about self-control while waiting to eat them!

Once the cookies are finally cooled off, ENJOY!

Praise your child for helping you bake the cookies. They can help even though they are young! Also praise them for having self-control while waiting to eat them. It can be hard to wait sometimes, but Jesus gives us the power to have self-control!

Harsh and Gentle Drop

Gather a cookie tray, some pom-poms, and a couple of rocks.

  Have your child drop the rocks on the tray and talk about the harsh sounds they make.

Then have your child drop the pom-poms on the tray and talk about 
the soft/gentle sounds they make.

The rocks sound harsh, but the pom-poms are gentle. Talk with your child about ways they can be gentle with their actions and words, like Jesus.

Praying Hands

 Gather a piece of construction paper, a pipe cleaner, colored index cards cut in half, 
scissors, a hole punch, and a marker.

Trace your child’s handprints onto the construction paper and cut out.

Talk with your child about some prayers and then write them on the index cards.

 Hole punch the cards and handprints.

Use the pipe cleaner to string together the handprints and the prayer cards. (Make sure all of the prayer cards are inside the handprints.)

Write “My Prayers” on one of the handprints. (You could write your child’s name in place of ‘My’ if you’d like.)

Jesus gives us the power to do everything, like be faithful. And just like Peter’s friends kept praying and praying, we can pray too!



Gather a tissue box, wrapping paper, tape, scissors, a bow, and stickers.  

Wrap the tissue box with the wrapping paper.

Place a bow on top.

Let your child decorate the “gift” with stickers.

Every good thing is like a gift from God. Talk with your 
child about the good things God has given you!