Friday, February 15, 2019

Pom Pom Whisk

Gather a whisk and pom-poms.

Place the pom-poms in the whisk.

Ask your child to use their hands to help you get the pom-poms out of the whisk.

Aaron held Moses’ hands up when they were tired and helped them win the battle. Aaron was such a great helper thanks to God! Guess what? God can help you help others too!

David and Goliath Snack

Gather a plate, string cheese, and raisins. 

 Peel off a piece of string cheese (about 1/3 of the whole).

Break that 1/3 piece in half.

Peel the remaining string cheese only halfway so that it’s separated at the top.

Place the broken, half piece of string cheese across the separated section of cheese to resemble a sling shot. (Discard/eat the other half piece.)

Have your child count out five raisins and place them beside the slingshot to be the stones.

 David was so brave to go against the giant Goliath. But David wasn’t alone! God was with David and helped him be brave. God will help you be brave too.


Gather a piece of construction paper, a marker, a paper plate, washable paint, and a Q-tip.

Fold the construction paper in half to look like a book and write “BIBLE” on the front/the book cover.

Place some paint on the plate and have your child trace the letters with a Q-tip.

 God helped Joshua lead a lot of people by giving him His words, the Bible, to follow. God can help you be a strong leader too!

Big Towers

Gather wax paper, tape, foam blocks, a small bowl, and shaving cream.

Tape a piece of wax paper to the table for easier clean up.

Put some shaving cream in the bowl and set it on the wax paper.

Have your child help you build a really big tower by dipping a block in the shaving cream, then sitting it on top of another block.

Continue until you have built a really BIG tower!

God helped Solomon do a really big thing by building a temple. 
God helps you do big things too!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Special Breakfast

Gather skewers or cake pop sticks, a plate, strawberries, blueberries, and donut holes.

 Have your child help you make a special breakfast by placing the fruit and donut holes onto the skewers. Then enjoy the yummy breakfast kabobs!

Jesus had a special breakfast on the beach with His friends. But Jesus isn’t just their friend, He is your friend too!

Paper Plate Tomb

Gather a paper plate, crayons or markers, a piece of tissue paper, scissors, and a Little People figure. (Note: You could use a small ball pit ball instead of a tissue paper ball.)

Cut the plate in half and then cut the middle out of the plate to look like an arch. This will be your tomb.

Color the “tomb” the crayons or markers.

Roll the tissue paper into a ball. This will be your stone.

Place the Little People figure in the tomb to be Jesus and roll the stone in front of the tomb.

 Remove Jesus from the tomb and then roll the stone away from the tomb. Jesus is gone. He’s alive! You can repeat this as many times as you’d like while retelling the story!

 Jesus’ body was placed in the tomb with a big stone rolled in front of it. But, three days later when the stone was moved, Jesus was gone! He was alive! God sent Jesus to be our friend forever!

Palm Leaf Handprint

 Gather a piece of green construction paper, a green straw, a crayon, scissors, and tape.

Trace your child’s hand on the construction paper and cut it out.

Tape the handprint to the straw to be your palm leaf. Now you can wave it while shouting, “Hosanna!”

 The people were SO excited to see Jesus coming to town! They grabbed big palm leaves and praised Him by shouting, “Hosanna!”

Washing Feet

Gather a small clear bowl, white icing, blue food coloring, a spoon, and Teddy Grahams.  

Place the icing in the bowl and add blue food coloring to resemble water.

Position the bears around the bowl so that their “feet” are in the “water.”

Jesus washed all of His friend’s feet because He is such a good friend. 
He wants to be your friend FOREVER!