Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Storm Making

Gather a clear plastic bin, a small toy boat, and a plastic cup.

 Fill the bin with some water.

Place the boat in the water.  

Make a “storm” by pouring water from the cup to create waves and make the boat rock.

Jesus and the disciples were in a boat when it started to storm. The disciples were afraid, but Jesus wasn’t, and He stopped the storm! We need Jesus when we’re scared or happy. 
We always need Jesus!

Eyes To See

Gather Play-Doh, a rolling pin, wax paper, and googly eyes.

Lay a piece of wax paper down and place a pile of Play-Doh on top of it.

 Let your child make a person with the Play-Doh, but leave the eyes off. Uh-oh! They can’t see!

Now place googly eyes on them so they can see!

Jesus did an amazing thing by healing a blind man and letting him see! The blind man needed Jesus and we need Jesus too. EVERYONE needs Jesus!  

Paint While You Listen

Gather a white piece of paper, washable paint, paintbrushes, a paper plate, headphones, and a device that plays music.

Put some of the paint on the paper plate.

 Put the headphones on your child and turn on some preschool music. Allow them to start painting while they listen to music!

 It’s so fun to paint while listening to music. The headphones helped you hear the music! We learned about a man who asked Jesus to help him hear and Jesus did help. We can always ask Him for help too!

Four Friends Snack

Gather Teddy Grahams, Graham Crackers, icing, a plate, and a spoon.

Using the spoon, put four dabs of icing in a square, roughly the size of a Graham Cracker. Then place a Teddy Graham on top of each dab of icing to represent the four friends.

 Lay one Graham Cracker square on top of the four friends to be the mat.

Place one Teddy Graham on top of the “mat” to be the man who couldn’t walk. 

That was so nice of the four friends to carry the man to Jesus so He could heal him. We need Jesus but our friends need Jesus too!