Monday, January 26, 2015

Cookie Sheep

Gather your supplies.  You will need a Vienna finger (you could use E.L. Fudge, Nutter Butter, or any other long crème filled cookie), marshmallows (we only had large ones so we cut them to make small ones), small pretzel sticks and a black candy (whopper, jelly bean, raisin, etc…)

Cut cookie in half and use the half with icing still attached. (your child can eat the other half)

Use the marshmallows, pretzels and candy to decorate
your cookie to look like a sheep! 

Use your snack to talk about the story of the lost sheep! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Ten Happy Faces!

 Use gloves and smiley face or circle stickers. Or just do the smiley face stickers on your hands/child's hand.

 Gather your supplies.  You will need gloves (or you can just use your fingers), 20 smiley face stickers (or any round sticker that you can draw smiley and frowny faces on), a sharpie and band-aids

If you do not have smiley stickers, draw smiley faces on 10 of the 
stickers and frowny faces on 10 of the stickers. 

Place smiley stickers on one side of each glove and frowny stickers on the other side of each glove (see picture.)  Place a band-aid on each finger with a frowny face.

Let your child wear the gloves and act out the story of the 
ten lepers! 

Hear the Noise!

You will need two clear cups (plastic or disposable), some kind of tape to connect the cups, and several noise makers to put inside (ie: noodles, beads, beans, buttons, etc…), heart stickers 
or foam shapes!

Decorate both cups with stickers, etc… and fill one cup with your noise makers.

Place non-filled cup on top of other cup and tape sides together. 

 Allow your child to shake and make noise!! 
Talk about the time that Jesus healed the deaf man!