Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Body Outline

Gather butcher paper, a crayon, and a red dot marker.

Lay the butcher paper on the floor and trace your child’s body.

 Have your child dot marker the body outline.

 Jesus helped heal people who were sick with leprosy. They told Jesus “Thank you!” We can say thank you too. We can thank God for everything!

Grocery Store

Gather a play cash register, play food, a grocery bag, an empty box, and aluminum foil.

 Wrap the box with aluminum foil. This is your “scanner.”

 Set up the grocery store!

Have your child be the cashier by scanning your food, placing it in the grocery bag, and taking your money. Take turns being the cashier/customer!

 I am so thankful for the food God gives us. We can always trust that He will 
give us what we need! 

Friendship Puppets

Gather gingerbread cutouts or foam people, craft sticks, markers, and tape.

Have your child draw/decorate their friends!

Tape the cutouts to the craft sticks.

 David and Jonathan were such good friends. They were thankful for each other and we can be thankful for our friends too!  Thank you God for our friends!

Build A Family

 Gather a bin of kinetic sand (or rice, etc.) and people counters (or Little People figures).  

Place and bury the people in the sand.

Have your child build your family by searching for the people and placing them together. Talk about each family member.

We can thank God for everyone in our family. He made them and He made you! Thank you God for (name each family member)!