Monday, July 29, 2013

Sneaky Snakes

It was a sneaky snake that told Eve that 
God didn't know what was best.
That was not true!
This is an easy craft for making your own 
Sneaky Snake

You need paper, tape, scissors and wiggly eyes.
And you can include some coffee stirrers 
to make your snake a puppet

Cut the paper in strips to make a chain

Make a chain snake.  You can make him all one color,
or multi-colored.
It's a fun chance to talk about patterns, too!

Add some wiggly eyes 
and draw on a tongue.

If you'd like to make your snake a puppet,
tape coffee stirrers to the front and back ends.

Now you can talk about things that 
might  be said to get you to not
believe God knows what's best.

Who will we listen to?
A silly snake? No!
Our awesome God! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gideon's Light!

This activity is a fun way for you and 

your child to re-enact Gideon's battle!  

You only need two items:

Cups and glow sticks...

and a darkened room or go outside after dark.

Let your child "break and shake" 
his glow stick so it begins to shine.  
(let him do yours, too.
It's fun to break something and not be in trouble)

Put the activated glow stick under a cup
and march around in the "dark".

On your signal, blow your trumpets;
your clenched fist works well, or you can make one.
(we made some for a previous activity here)

Shake off the cup and hold the glow stick high in the air
and shout,
"For the Lord and for Gideon!"

Monday, July 15, 2013

Gideon's Puppet Army

 You and your child can re-enact the story of
 Gideon and his army with these 
easy-to-make puppets! 

Collect just these few items:
craft sticks, markers, pipe cleaners and
wiggly eyes.

Sticky-back eyes are less messy, but you can glue eyes on if you need to.
Use the markers to make the rest of the facial features and hair.
You can add clothes, too, if you like.

I have the long pipe cleaners, so I cut them in half.
Wrap a pipe cleaner around each "soldier" to make
his arms.

Now you can let some of the army men who look afraid go home.
And you can have some of them "cup" their hands
scoop up a drink of water.  Others can lean down to the water to drink.

As you retell the story, remind your child that God does what He says He will do! 
He fought the battle for Gideon! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

God's Promise Reminder: The Rainbow

A Rainbow
Here's a rainbow you can make with your child:

Gather your items;
Card stock or poster board, tissue paper,
glue, scissors and a pencil or crayon.

Let your child tear off pieces of tissue paper and 
crinkle it into a wad.
Draw lines for each color
and round off the edges.
If you would like the option to hang your rainbow,
use the pencil to make a hole in it before you begin gluing.

Now for the fun part.  Put a line of glue where your child can stick the tissue balls.
Or, if your child is the neat one, make simple dots.
Cover the glue with a line of one color tissue.

Repeat for each color.
And there you have a simple, fun reminder that
God does what He says He will do!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Two By Two: Finding the Animals

This is a fun way to talk about how Noah gathered all the animals for the ark
practice matching skills at the same time!

You'll need some index cards, crayons, a paper plate and animals.  

The easiest way to do this is to use the sticky back foam animal stickers.   
Or you child can draw animals on the cards.

Let your child stick each of the animals on a card.

Turn each of the cards upside down.

You can make a paper plate into an ark.  Color it brown and fold it in half.  
Your child can tape the sides together or you can staple it.  
If you flatten the bottom of the plate, you can stand it up.

Let you child pick two cards at a time to turn over,
looking for matching animals.
As your child finds the matches, 
they can put them "into the ark".