Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Float Your Boat

Gather a tub or container filled with water and items around your house to make a boat, such as Tupperware lids, straws, Play-Doh®, etc. You can make this as simple or elaborate as you would like. If you want to make a sail, you will also need construction paper, scissors, and crayons.

If you choose to make a sail, cut a triangle out of your piece 
of construction paper and decorate it. You will need to put two holes on either side, 
either with scissors or a hole punch if you have one.

Then thread the straw through the holes of your sail.

Now make your boat with the items you found around your house. I used a lid, a straw with a sail, and Play-Doh®. Easy peasy!

Place the boat in the tub of water, letting it float.

Talk about how Jesus calmed the storm when he was on the boat with the Disciples.

Ten Men

Gather a piece of paper or construction paper and crayons or markers.

Trace both of your child’s hands on the piece of paper.

Draw faces on each of the fingers using the crayons or markers.

Now count to ten while pointing to each face. Jesus healed TEN men who were sick!


Gather two small paper cups, crayons or markers, string, scissors, and tape.

Decorate the outside of the two paper cups using the crayons or markers.

 Cut a piece of string, about a foot long, and tape it to the bottom of each cup.

Now you have a telephone that can connect from your ear to your child’s ear!

Sit with your child and play telephone with them, making sure to listen to each other. Talk to them about how they did a great job listening. We listen and hear with our ears!

The Four Friends

Gather a paper plate, tape, string or ribbon, scissors, and a Little People® figure. You will also need a chair or couch from anywhere in your home.

Cut the paper plate into a rectangular shape to look like a mat.

Cut 4 pieces of string (about a foot long) and tape them to the bottom of each corner of the “mat.”

Pull up each piece of string and tie them together in a knot at the top.

Place the Little People® figure on the mat and lower it over the side of a chair or couch, just like the Four Friends did with their friend.

The four friends knew their friend needed Jesus, and Jesus helped him.

Blind Walk

Grab a bandana.

Blindfold your child so that they cannot see.

Guide them around the house by holding their hand. Talk to them about what they hear, smell, and feel. This way they are using all of their senses except for sight.

Tell them how great they were with using their senses. 
God gave us five senses – sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell!