Saturday, July 27, 2019

Torch Snack

Gather Cheetos® and ice cream cones.

Set an ice cream cone on the counter (or a plate).

Start placing Cheetos in the ice cream cone.  

Continue until the cone is full and looks like a torch!

 Gideon was scared at battle but God helped him be brave. And guess what? Gideon’s army WON! Yay! God can help you be brave too!

In the Reeds

Gather a clear tub, faux greenery, tape, a girl Little People figure, a small plastic cup, and a pom-pom.

Tape your greenery to the bottom of the bin and then add an inch or two of water.  

Place the pom-pom in the plastic cup to be Moses in the basket, then set it in the water.

Place the Little People figure (Miriam) in the “reeds” facing the basket.

Miriam had a BIG job to do.  She had to watch out for her baby brother! God helped her be brave and she did it! Baby Moses was safe! God can help you be brave too!

Foil Crown

 Gather aluminum foil, scissors, tape, and markers.  

Measure your child’s head and cut the foil into an appropriate length.  

Draw a simple crown outline on the foil and cut out.

Draw jewels on the crown with markers.

 Tape the crown together and place it on your child’s head!

God saved King Hezekiah and His people by sending an angel to help them. We can be brave because God will take care of us too!

The Lion's Mane

Gather a piece of yellow construction paper, a white paper plate, orange paint, a black marker, and a plastic fork.  

 Draw a lion’s face on the yellow paper with the marker. 

Once you pour paint on your plate, press the bottom of the fork in it and then press it on the page around the lion’s face.

Continue going all around the circle until the lion’s mane is complete.

Daniel knew God was with him in the lion’s den and that helped him be brave. God protected Daniel! God loves you and can help you be brave too.  

Friday, July 26, 2019

Finger Paint Self-Portrait

Gather white butcher paper, a paper plate, washable finger paint, and tape. 

Prepare the activity by taping paper to the table and adding paint to the plate.

Ask your child to finger paint their self-portrait!

 On day six, God made people. And you are His favorite thing that He made! You are so special and loved!

Animal Counting

Gather a piece of paper, a marker, and Animal Crackers.  

Divide the page into quarters.

Write the numbers 1-4 in each box.

Add the correct number of animals to each box.

 On days five and six of Creation, God made the birds, fish, and animals. Talk with your child about their favorite animals!

Sun Snack

Gather a plate, a knife, strawberries, and an orange.   

Slice the orange and lay one slice on the plate.

Cut the strawberries in half and lay them around the “sun” as the sun’s rays.

On day four, God made the moon, stars, and SUN! The sun gives us light and warmth during the day. Thank You, God!

Day Three Plate

Gather a white paper plate, a green pipe cleaner, glue, scissors, flower stickers, and a green and blue dot marker.

Dot marker the top half of the plate blue.

Dot marker the bottom half of the plate green.

Cut the pipe cleaner into thirds and glue them onto the plate as flower stems.

Add the flower stickers to the flower stems.

On day three of Creation, God made the land, plants, and sea. I’m so glad He made such pretty things for us to look at, like flowers. God is so awesome! He made everything!

Number Art

Gather scissors, glue, something to write with, cotton balls, blue paper shreds, and a piece of blue, yellow, black, and white construction paper.

Trace the number “1” on the white piece of paper and the number “2” on the blue piece of paper. Cut them both out.

Tear some of the yellow and black construction paper into squares.

Glue yellow squares to the top of the number 1 for light (day), and black squares to the bottom for dark (night).

Glue some cotton balls to the top of the number 2 for the sky.

Glue some paper shreds to the bottom of the number 2 for water.

Set them side-by-side and review days one and two of Creation!

On day one, God made light and dark. On day two, God made sky and water. Wow! God made EVERYTHING!