Friday, October 27, 2017

Party Hat

Gather a few pieces of construction paper (make sure to include yellow for the tops of the candles), scissors, tape, crayons and stickers.

Cut a piece of construction paper into 2-3-inch  strips. I needed two strips to wrap around my child’s head.

Tape the two pieces together.

Put the two ends together to make a circle and adjust as needed to fit your child’s head. Trim the excess paper and tape together.

Cut smaller 1-inch strips out of the construction paper to be the candles. I made 6 candles total.

Let your little one color the candles.

While they are coloring, cut out the tops of the candles from the yellow construction paper.

Tape the tops of the candles to the candle bases. While you are taping, let them add stickers to their hat.

Lastly, tape the candles to the inside of the hat. Now you are ready to party! Put the hat on your child and sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus!

Jesus is the best gift of all! God gave us Jesus because He loves us!