Thursday, October 5, 2017

Handprint Angel

Gather a dark colored piece of construction paper, a piece of construction paper for the angels face, crayons or markers, aluminum foil, a yellow or gold pipe cleaner, white paint, a paper plate, scissors, and glue.

Draw and cutout a circle for the angel’s head.

Using the markers or crayons, draw facial features on the circle.

Roll out some aluminum foil and place your dark colored piece of construction paper under it so you can see how wide to cut your triangle.

Put some white paint on your paper plate.

Place your child’s hand in the paint and press it on the dark colored construction paper. You will need a handprint on each side to make the angel’s wings.

Glue the angel’s body (aluminum foil) onto the paper.

Now glue the angel’s head onto the paper.

Next, make a circle out of the pipe cleaner. This will be the angel’s halo.

Cut the pipe cleaner and twist the ends together to make a complete circle.

Glue the halo on top of the angel’s head. Ta-da!

An angel came to tell Mary she was going to have a baby and to name him Jesus! How amazing!