Sunday, June 11, 2017

Healthy Owl Toast

Gather a piece of bread, peanut butter, 2 clementines, raisins or craisins, an apple, a plate, a knife, and a toaster.

Toast the bread.

Spread peanut butter onto the bread.

Cut two round pieces out of a clementine and place them on the bread to be the eyes.

Place two raisins in the center of each eye, as well as one underneath the eyes to be the nose.

Peel the other clementine and place one on each side of the bread to represent wings.

Cut two small pieces of apple and place them at the bottom of the bread to represent feet.

Daniel made wise choices by eating the way God wanted him to. He ate healthy foods, just like the owl toast we made today. And just like Daniel did things God’s way, we can do things God’s way too!